I am about to quit this!

  1. I am beyond frustrated! I have enjoyed WGU up until now. At this point I feel like quitting. It's absolutely ridiculous! The class is Community Health Nursing. The PROBLEM: I am spending more time just trying to find this information and I am not learning anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I absoluetly hate it! I do not plan to ever be a community health nurse... it is a speciality! Why am i spending so much time on it. It's making me absolutely miserable!!! I can not find this information they want!!! I can write the paper but I have no reading material as a resource. It's spending my life on the computer with the internet search button. In fact, A LOT of this information I am physically going to have to go talk to someone at the police station and the health department. They don't have time for this or me, why would someone take the time to answer all these questions. I feel if this is going to be an assignment I need more resources, I need a book to read. Internet search helps on some level but OMG! I'm so tired and done with this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!
    Truely, excuse my language but I am absolutely ****** off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Oh and this is my RN-BSN program!

    ah, i feel a little better for venting!
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  3. by   bloodlikefire
    hang in there!!!

    i just finished my community nursing class, which was boring as hell. i start my community nursing clinical in two weeks. remember to use the cdc and who (world health organization un) websites, which have a lot of useful information. i feel the same about ob/gyn as you feel about community, but get it done and never think about it again.

    just remember, you can do it!!!
  4. by   caliotter3
    I was afraid the WGU program would be like this. Stick it out. You want that BSN. Once you get it done, you never have to revisit the experience again. Just think, you could be doing virtually the same thing in a traditional program and being just as miserable.
  5. by   klone
    Why did you not buy any texts?

    When I withdrew from Frontier, I was 3 weeks into the CH class, and I could tell I was going to hate it. It was EXTREMELY labor intensive (I'm still following all my old classmates on the FB page). I have my text from that class, and I hope it will aid me when I get to that class through WGU.
  6. by   Lisa1980
    I do have the textbook. They provide you an ebook and I purchased the reference guide that was required.
    It's going better now. But this was a stressful class. More so I was venting.
  7. by   Lisa1980
    I wanted to follow up to my stressful and venting comment:

    I finally finished this task for WGU. I submitted it two days ago and when I woke this morning I got my results. I am absolutely flabergasted! I was for sure that I would have to revise it, but I passed it with no revisions needed. It made my weekend and boosted my confidence. I only have 4 more courses until I have completed my BSN. I started on May 1st... so I have completed half the program in less than two months. I am going to keep pushing myself forward!!
    Goal: Finish by October... in one term! I CAN DO IT!
  8. by   bonnevie13
    Now that's the attitude! Yay for YOU allnurses best site for "venting" compassionate caring support without judgment! These are just a few of the qualities that encompass a GREAT NURSE
  9. by   smartypants31us
    hey, im actually taking this class at this moment. i feel like im about to go crazy. im gonna try to attack the other tasks before i even start to look at task 1. i would love to finish within july so i can have time to add on the others courses. my term ends september 30 and i can only add classes by aug 15 so i do not have that much time. if any help, anyone please offer suggestions and advice. thanks
  10. by   Lisa1980
    smartypants, I also did the other tasks first. It was so much better and less stress. When I had some time I would take out the Resource workbook and try and find one question a day; that way I felt that I was doing something with it. All in all... I found a lot of info but didn't even use that much when I wrote the paper. I know they do not advise to do the other tasks and prefer you to go in order but I feel Task 1 should of been the last task of that area. Good Luck! Oh did you watch the Webinar? If not make sure you watch it; there are fileshare attachements and they give you a few sites you can look up for your information and an example of the Genogram. They were very helpful!
  11. by   smartypants31us
    your so right! i actually looked at the webinar for the first task but i havent done it for the other task since my work computer does not have audio. so once i go home today i will look into it. my goal is to be finish with community health and the practicum before aug 15, really the 14th so i can start on the last 2 classes. i really want to finish this term. im paying out of pocket and i do not have the extra money to spend another 3700 bucks just to finish 2 classes. any help will be greatly appreciated. thanks for the response
  12. by   caliotter3
    Glad to hear you prevailed on that difficult assignment.
  13. by   KTakami
    It's great to see many comments here at allnurses.com of RNs supporting each other!
    I am glad to see a variety of experiences about WGU, one of my top schools in mind for my RN-BSN/MSN.
    Thanks!-soon to be an RN this summer
  14. by   TrackFan
    I hear you! I am trying to get through task 1...what an enormous waste of time! Learning nothing of value from this task...pointless in my line of work.