How accurate are EC practice exams

  1. I was just curious about this. I am taking my Health Differences 1 exam on Tuesday. I took a practice exam last night and was very surprised that all the information that we are told to study was not on the practice exam. I know that they can't make it like the real exam, but I just thought I would see more questions related to what we are studying. I didn't have any pedi cardio/resp., many of the adult cardio items that are listed on the syllabus to study were not on there either. I feel like I have been killing myself to commit this stuff to memory and it is not even on the exam. Please advise!
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  3. by   DebanamRN
    I follow the practice exams, along with the content guide. The practice exam questions are a good indicator of what you will find on the actual exam.
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  4. by   NC Girl BSN
    The practice exam is an overall guide. If your making in the 70's on them then your probably gonna pass the test. Make sure you follow the content guide. There is no other way around it.
  5. by   Raggedy Ann
    I agree the content guide is a must. I also found the practice exams to be an excellent indicator on how you will perform on your actual exam. I am under the old curriculum,so I don't know if that makes a difference, but normally the ones I missed I just happened to be weaker in that area and once I studied that material I would make a higher score on the part B practice test. I absolutely loved the SG101 notes and the EC practice exams. It worked for me. I believe the one you are preparing for is equal to the NC4. That was the toughest one for me. I was dreading 5,but 4 was my pain. Good Luck and best wishes! You will get this,and soon it will be a memory...Traci
  6. by   Elektra6
    I review the 2 practice tests the night before my exam. I have seen VERY similar questions on the actual test.
  7. by   RNFinally12
    that sounds like a good idea. In the past I find myself still reviewing as I am walking into the exam. I don't know why I do that, but I really need to stop.

    Thank you for your advice.

  8. by   it's hot in phoenix
    I took the practice test for all my tests, I memorized them and passed all my tests with an A's and a B. Side note- never got over 62 on the practice tests, except once. Did read their study guide for test.Good luck 2 u