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Thinking of you today as you leap over this final hurdle!! I am so proud of you. :)... Read More

  1. by   txspadequeenRN
    well all... my don seemed extremely surprised to learn that i had failed and my adon was very supportive. the one thing that they stressed is that i am a very good and caring nurse and this test is in no way a measure of that ...i know just what y'all have said..i feel better today and after my time off will get back on the nclex horse and tackel this thing again..once again thanks to all ..

    love denise
  2. by   toby4
    you can do it txqueen! I know of few who failed the first time out all do to anxiety. This failure does not in no sense predict the type of nurse you are going to be. After failure with persistence, you will achieve success. Girl you will get through this. It is not time to give into negative thoughts when you have gotten thus far. YOU WILL DO IT!
  3. by   lauralynde
    I'm new here, but I just wanted to say my heart goes out to you. This is only a small setback, you'll get to where you want to be.. it might just take a tad longer than you wanted. On the bright side, at least you know what to expect the second time around and I know you'll pass and have the coveted RN behind your name!!
  4. by   Raggedy Ann
    computer has been down...so sorry to hear the news,but you will succeed...success is one of your traits! hugs~ traci
  5. by   RN2009Belarus
    It is life--but we must pull ourselves together and move forward. I was lucky to pass NCLEX from my first try--BUT--I can't work in the state I live in because of my speaking part on TOEFL iBT (English exam). I took it 6 times, and I know what is anxiety attack feels like...-- everyone told me--Don't give up!!! In my case--I guess I just have to wait...
    You must be strong for youself and your family!!!
    GOOD LUCK from all my heart!!!