CCONLINE Microbiology Club Spring 05 - page 4

Let's keep in touch cause there seems to be a lot of us enrolled in the class this spring. Sign in and say HI!! If you took this course in the past and want to jump in with words of wisdom, please... Read More

  1. by   sunnyjohn

    Boy, am I glad I found this thread! I need to take a few classes to improve my gpa and online education will REALLY help me maximize my time! :hatparty:

    1. How hard is this micro class? I took micro a few years ago in undergrad and loved it, but i would like to improve my grade (A or B). Is that possible with normal effort in this class?

    2. Have you guys taken other classes theough CConline? If so, which classes? Would you recommend them?

    3. How is this course is going to show up on the transcript? Does the transcript say "ONLINE Lab class" or just plain 'ole micro w/lab?

    4. Which college do you recommend I use as my "home school"? (most receptive to online students,returns phone calls, etc...)

    Thanks in advance for the replies....