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Nursing at NASA and outer space.


Sorry if this is a dumb question, but do NASA nurses ever go to outer space with the astronauts in order to be available 24/7 should the need for care arise while in space? If so, I'd imagine that on top of nursing you'd need some specialized astronaut training so I'd imagine the job would be a really neat combination of two fascinating fields.

Or am I being ridiculous because their nurses just tend to them only before and after flights?


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Good question :)

Put this in Google search "medical care on international space station", it pulled up some good articles.


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Thanks for asking this question. I always wondered about this too!

If NASA is still around. Bad news for Houston. We are the "Space City"!


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If NASA is still around.

Seriously. :( :crying2: :(

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we have been relegated to the the troposphere and stratosphere :madface::madface::madface:


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That's a good question.

I knew a doctor who became a flight surgeon for NASA and I think he got to go into space a number of times. I know that had been his dream and I was thrilled to see that he achieved one of his life goals.