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So I have cancer. Papillary Carcinoma of my Thyroid. Diagnosed in 2011. I have one RAI treatment left to use and I am saving that in case it spreads to my bone, lung or brain. Had multiple surgeries on my neck. I now have what my surgeon calls a Chernobyl Necklace. I still have cancer in my neck. This is a strictly surgical disease at this instance, but since tumor is extremely close to my larengeal nerve, surgeon will not operate on it unless it gets larger.

Enter Cannabis Oil.

Studies have shown tumor reduction with the use of topical cannabis oil in my type of cancer.

If I have a medical card, FROM a DOCTOR, would the BON of PA still revoke my license?

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As unfair as it is, ingesting cannabis of any kind is incompatible with holding a nursing license or maintaining employment as a nurse. At least that's how it is in my state, which has extremely liberal laws regarding marijuana/cannabis. I don't even want to think how it would be in a state that hasn't legalized it.

That said, I wish you the best in your treatment and care of your illness. Sometimes taking care of ourselves is more important than what we do for a living. Hugs.


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I doubt u would even get a solid answer out of the PA BON. Even ifu got it in writing, i wouldnt trust them honestly. I suffer from extreme back and nerve pain, am a nurse in PA also. At first, i thought MMJ maybe the way to go until i heard what another state did without warning to their nurses (it was either CT or VT, I think). That states Medical MJ system is set to ping the nursing board, it notifies the BON the moment a nurse in their state gets a MMJ card and they automatically REVOKE THEIR NURSING LICENSE! To my knowledge that state did not send out any notification on new policy saying such would occur. I have a non nurse friend in PA that researched PA MMJ, and u cant buy guns, get a conceal to carry permit, and an array of other things.

But that said, it is ur life that u could be saving! The best that i would suggest in ur case is to find a attorney in PA to talk to, but they may not know much either as MMJ is new to PA. I will be praying 4 complete healing in Jesus name!


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You could try CBD products that do not have THC in them. They are legal, I think, in most steps since there is no psychoactive THC.

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Florida, late 2019: I asked a physician that prescribes Marijuana, and he said that as long as you don't work at a federal facility, you are good. I would hope that he would know. However, my google searches have turned up less desirable results.


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If you are not working I assume they would not know therefor there would be no issue however I would also ask about experimental. I am so sorry. I think about people having cancer/ paralysis/ death/ on a regular basis. And I do not think the board taking years to decide cases about nurses licenses status is right at all

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Until it becomes federally legal, the nursing board says that any facility taking federal money (medicaid or medicare payments) has to have a zero tolerance marijuana policy.  Also, in Missouri you cannot hold a MMC and continue nursing. 

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Unfortunately, if you work at any facility that takes federal funds Medicare and Medicaid), it is an issue. Marijuana is still against federal law. I live in Washington. Marijuana is legal here. However, if you test positive for Marijuana, they will take action against your license.

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