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  1. Frustrated with New Manager

    I think you need to talk to the person above him/HR and lay out everything you said here. Yes, everyone was new once, but it sounds like you are doing everything the manager is supposed to be doing-except you don't have the title or pay bump.
  2. Fast-Food Ads Target Minority Youth

    I love the idea of more school-run gardens. They wouldn't take a lot of time or money to put together especially if the kids rotate weeding, watering, picking, etc. People have gotten so detached from where their food comes from and how it is produ...
  3. Making Mistake During My Orientation

    I can be hard to leave the safety blanket of a preceptor. Honestly half way through you probably have the knowledge and ability to take care of your two patients. If you have specific questions, need help troubleshooting, or want your preceptor to ...
  4. Reporting a Patient to Police?

    Prison isn't the only option. The nurse could talk with the prosecutor and ask that a plea with suspended sentence is attempted with a therapy requirement, anger management classes, etc. I don't think giving people who are alert and oriented ...
  5. Accidentally tested for MRSA???

    Recent statistics say that 30% of the population is a carrier of staph. aureus. but only about 1% of the population is a carrier of MRSA. I think that is where the "everyone has it" comes from--the 1/3 of the population with colonized with regular ...
  6. Personal Cellphone Reliance at School?

    I would request a work phone and use the rationale regarding the phone being used as evidence in any possible lawsuits and you don't want your personal phone available for that type of discovery.
  7. Question About Vaccines

    Yeah, that sounds unethical--people shouldn't need a doctor's visit to get their vaccine. I work at a local health department and we have a standing order to give each vaccine we offer by our medical director. He's mostly retired now so we (nurses...

    You, yourself, know if you did something... Have you been arrested, investigated, associated with a crime? If not, then you are fine. If you did something as a youth and the record was expunged, I believe it stays hidden on reports if you did ever...
  9. Personal Cellphone Reliance at School?

    I agree. They need to either give you a work cell phone or prorate your cell plan for the data used during school and reimburse you each month.
  10. What Does My 2022-2023 Wishlist Need?

    I never thought of hibiclens--I bet that does do a good job. And perfect for the elementary kids who are a tad more dramatic about minor abrasions 🙂 I love love the splinter-outs. I got them for the first time this year and they work so well...
  11. What Does My 2022-2023 Wishlist Need?

    I would LOVE one of those table top ice machines...
  12. Failed 3 Exams

    Are you given a study guide? Class time review? How specific is your instructor on what the exam will cover? What are you having trouble with? Memorizing the info, test anxiety, understanding the topics, ability to go past the basic info and uti...
  13. What Does My 2022-2023 Wishlist Need?

    What are some of the things you have in your health room that you can't live without? Not the normal bandaids, Tylenol, peppermints, and ice packs. But the stuff you didn't realize you'd use all the time and love/kids love. Or specific brands/type...
  14. Is there anything you wished your work bag had?

    I'm a school nurse with three different schools so I carry alot with me. I wish my bag had dividers in it. I keep files for each school plus a binder for my CEU, printouts, lessons, etc. But I also keep a bag of peppermints, bag of cough drops, pe...
  15. ...Was I being insensitive??

    I think you did everything correct. When I worked in the ER, I had a miscarriage. My coworkers knew. My charge gave me two weeks without miscarriage/pregnant patients. But we were a level 1 Trauma center and busy. I understood when after 6-7...