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    Party safely

    I read so many post on here and I do not get on this site very often and I usually create a new username every time I get on here. I am in a tpapn program with Texas. however I have different views then some others for sure and I’m ok with that. I have different views on Things like dieing, the board time frame for dealing with licenses, my views on how nurses should be treated when applying at jobs, and also including how the general appearance of a nurse should be ( considered hygiene is maintained however I do not expect a miss or mr galaxy including health) I learned all that can change in an instance. I am still learning things about myself personally and I just want to get back to nursing so I can continue a wonderful career and also pursue education in other fields. I only like to check on here periodically with anything that I would like to share about or talk with however I have just got my life back going with nursing after a decade. And it was well worth it. I hope others are able to find their way and continue on in this life’s journey. I am just an average normal person. Best holiday wishes and party safely
  2. Bethedr

    Paramedic discrimination?

    I could not get hired at some places for nothing in the world I could offer. Other places there was no problem. I think it depends on the hiring individual themself. I just go on to the next place and follow up with any questions or interviews. I applied at locations and got turned down at a few too many I thought. Other places took a different view/ opinion.
  3. Bethedr

    Nursing with medical marijuana card...

    If you are not working I assume they would not know therefor there would be no issue however I would also ask about experimental. I am so sorry. I think about people having cancer/ paralysis/ death/ on a regular basis. And I do not think the board taking years to decide cases about nurses licenses status is right at all
  4. Bethedr

    Paraplegia and nursing

    Hello everyone, wow this has been very interesting and my full day of seeing the counselor and medical doctor has really made me think and led me to this post. to make a long story short I really have been thinking about wanting to be a surgeon. That seems to be the big picture that a nurse is not trained to do. I am a lot older now days and was revoked for several years. However now being able to return into nursing makes me want to do everything possible in healthcare including surgery. I would be in my 40’s if I could Go and finish But should I attempt now while I am able? What if I don’t and regret it for not trying. I tried nursing and made it through. so Just to be able to perform surgery? I think it would be worth it but I do not think I could afford to do it. So I guess I should be happy being a nurse and go for np school. being happy with that brought me to the above posts and I am very offended by some of these post. I would greatly assume a paralyzed person could go to nursing school and even be able to teach nursing at the least. If I was paralyzed I would be heartbroken if I had read some of the above post. I do hope there is schools that allow disabilities and laws for students. nursing is supposed to encompass all known hardships and downfalls. i don’t really have anyone I can talk to except on here or with my doctor and mental health providers about certain things but I do want to explore learning further in nursing and following whatever the board requires. I think healthcare is very special. i wish u all the best p.s. So far I think every career I’ve come across has nursing in it some way or another. And I keep finding a lot of careers and things I cannot do because I don’t have credentials or knowledge. But I do think nursing is very impressive especially shots and iv administration