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I just ordered Nursing2001. Does anyone like this series? I also looked at RN, and AJN. I thought RN was kinda superficial, and AJN was not very fun to read. I like a mix of research and humor.

Any other good publications out there? Keep in mind I am a student, and therefore, I am on a tight budget :)

My class right now is spending time reading Nurse Manager (its a staff managment class), but it didnt appear to be research based at all.



I must be kinda backwards from you... I let my subscription to Nursing2000 expire and renewed my AJN. Both are excellent magazines in my opinion, but I just like AJN a little better!

If you come across any more, let me know. I always like to try something different and I find these magazines help me to understand my studies a little better! And the Good Lord knows I need all the help I can get!:rolleyes:


I have the Nursing 2001, we use AJN as suggested reading for

our classes!

So for personal choice I prefer Nursing 2001.


P.S. Julie I love your quote, its my favorite scripture!! :)

Can anyone tell me where to find Nursing 2001? I have a subscription to AJN. I just started school this week and we haven't been exposed to a whole lot of outside info yet.

Nursing 2001 has a lot of good information. If you join the American Nurses' Association after you graduate and become an RN you will receive AJN at no cost as a benefit of your ANA membership. Also, I may be mistaken, but I believe that AJN is available online at no charge at If you're shopping for any specialty peer reviewed journals, has a list of some that you can preview.


For a student or new nurse, I would recommend Nursing 2001 or RN. AJN is good too, but I found it a bit dry. Another good one is Revolution. It doesn't talk about procedures and skills but focuses more on the political issues of nursing, including of course the shortage. And of course every specialty has a journal as well, but you might want to hold off on that until you graduate and figure out which direction you are headed!


I've been reading Nurisng since it was Nursing 1974!

I read a bunch more including Orthopaedic Nursing but this one just speaks to me the best.


Specializes in Med-Surg Nursing.

Personally, Brandy, out of the three mags that you mention in your post, I like Nursing 2001 the best followed by RN and AJN.

I have subscriptions to all 3 magazines.

Nursing 2001 gives excellent clinical info as well as the lighter side of nursing.

So if you can only subscribe to one, I'd pick Nursing 2001.


Hi Brandy,

I like Nursing 2001, and have been a subscriber for years now. I also like AJN, then RN. I like Sigma Theta Tau's research articles. In general, I like to read about all areas, however, journals that have articles or research that relate specifically to my specialty area are my favs.

Great minds run the same channels, I had the same question, Brandy!! [email protected]

Thanks for the input. I'll check them all out.

I subscibe to all 3, Nursing 2001, RN and AJN.

My vote for best all around is Nursing 2001. RN is more basic and ad related, and AJN has a defenite ANA agenda (obviously) as well as being dry. Nursing is great.


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