Should I Expunge Record?

  1. I am looking for some advice on expunging an arrest from my record. I am a current nursing school student with 2 years of school left. I have an arrest on my record from 2013 in which all charges were dropped. With a lawyer I can work to have this arrest expunged. I understand I will still need to disclose this information to the BON once I have completed school, however I am wondering if getting it expunged will help my case come time to apply for licensure?

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  3. by   3peas
    You have to disclose to the board upon starting school. Unless that is a Texas thing. I would check with your state and check into that. There are many students in Texas who were not aware of that rule and could not sit for NCLEX because they did not disclose when they started school.
  4. by   Lhalty
    It depends on on what state u r in. Some states require disclosure of all arrests even if they are dismissed or dropped some other states require disclosure of convictions only. Check with your state BON
  5. by   bruin2010
    I would expunge it. Like others have said, depending on your state you might have to disclose it whether or not it is expunged or not. However, when it comes to applying I believe having it expunged will help your chances of licensure.
  6. by   Nurse Beth
    In some states disclosure to the BON/BRN does not take place until you apply for authorization to take the NCLEX.
    You are required to list all arrests, including expungements.
  7. by   kconrad1712
    This is the rule in IL - check with your state. It might not even matter...

    d) The following criminal history records shall not be considered in connection with an application for licensure:
    1) Juvenile adjudications;
    2) Records of arrest not followed by a conviction;
    3) Convictions overturned by a higher court;
    4) Convictions that have been the subject of a pardon or expungement.

  8. by   caliotter3
    There could be other instances where having an expunged record could benefit you. Expunge it no matter how that affects the school, Board, licensing situations.