I really need YOUR advice!

  1. I am searching for some help - so I'm asking for your understanding. But first, a little background. In nursing school nursing was my passion; I had a 3.7 GPA, received scholarships, did a summer internship, was to graduate a semester early, and became ACLS certified during my last semester. Then 5 days before I was to graduate I was notified that I failed a class (partly due to my cockiness, partly not). I was davestated! A year later I graduated with a BS in Nursing, but I never took the NCLEX. That was in 1996. Still, I became angry, frustrated, and overwelmed. To my shame and regret, I have been convected of spousal abuse (Class A misdemeanor). To my credit, I have received treatment and am proud to say that my family is safe from such behavior - the last explosion was 1.5 years. This is why I ask for your understanding and advice. I'd love to become an RN, but I need to take the NCLEX. I am wondering if my criminal background will prevent me from taking the NCLEX or becomnig an RN. Thank you for your input!
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  3. by   Jolie
    Contact your State Board of Nursing and ask for their advice. Be up front about your legal troubles and offer proof of your treatment and changed behavior. I don't know if there is a time limit on taking Board exams. It is possible that you may be required to take some kind of refresher course since a significant amount of time has lapsed since you completed your basic nursing education. Good luck to you.
  4. by   passing thru
    I have never heard of misdemeanor convictions making any profession that must be liscensed to practice ineligible to practice.

    On my liscense application and renewal forms , it asks , "have you been convicted of a felony? any felonies??"

    Congrats on anger management.
  5. by   redshiloh
    I am really glad to hear you took anger management, just remember to get help when you feel like life's getting too much. And for God's sake, DON"T drink!

    See if you can get a RN refresher course, start studying the NCLEX book. I started out trying to get my BSN with a GPA of 1.88(i screwed up big time), graduated with close to or at 3.0.
    It CAN be done if you really want it.
  6. by   wv_nurse 2003
    Excellant advise given--you might also consider contacting a local nursing school --if there is no refresher course in your area. Sometimes they will allow you to audit some med-surg and/or specialty classes to refresh.

    Best of luck to you!
  7. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I REALLY applaud your efforts to change your ways and your life. It says a lot about your character and willingness to lead a life free of abuse. Please do as suggested above, and contact your state/provincial board of nursing. Only THEY can tell you for sure what would exclude you from licensure. I wish you the best in your continued recovery and career as a nurse, if at all possible. GOOD LUCK TO YOU!
  8. by   funnygirl_rn
    I am glad you received treatment, that is the first step in changing your ways. Best of luck to you and hope you are able to take the NCLEX soon!
  9. by   passing thru
    Also, the NCLEX...check with your state board, to see how many times you can take it.
    If it were me, I'd give it a try without all the studying and refresher courses, etc.

    Most of that stuff stays with you, especially with a good GPA.
    I'd try to pass it without all the courses.
    If I passed, great.
    If I didn't, I'd know where I stood.

    A lot of it is common sense. If you don't know the answer, respond with the common sense reply.

    I know nurses who are on their third try 's ...hoping to pass THIS time. Of course they were always borderline failing.
    Good luck.
  10. by   Love-A-Nurse
    here's wishing you all the best.
  11. by   Rhoresmith
    if even that minor felony could cause you problems check with an attorney and see if you can get an expungment. This means that after so many years you can have your record erased. Some states have this others don't but it is worth looking into

    Hope it works for you Good Luck!!!!
  12. by   Disablednurse
    Good luck and best wishes for you. I think that you have come a long way just to acknowledge that you have a problem and got treatment for it. I am glad that you did not lose your family. Speaks well of you that they stayed with you.
  13. by   sjoe
    "check with an attorney and see if you can get an expungment. This means that after so many years you can have your record erased. Some states have this others don't but it is worth looking into "

    And the issue is not about being allowed to take the NCLEX. The issue is whether your past will prevent your state's BON from granting you an RN license. Each state makes its own rules. Passing the NCLEX does NOT mean your state will grant you an RN license.

    If your state's BON will not grant you this license because of your legal record and you can not get the record expunged (or if that still would not be enough), then you have the choice between:
    1) relocating to a state where this would not be an issue and getting licensed there, or
    2) forgetting about becoming an RN and establishing another goal that is possible for you, given your situation.
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  14. by   Jenny P
    You graduated with a BS in Nursing in 1996; it is now 2003; 7 years later.

    I think you need to contact your BON in your state and ask them for their advice. Seven years without taking the NCLEX is a long time; and nursing is not a static profession: there have been many, many changes in meds, treatments, and medical breakthroughs during that time. That is just concerning the time issue.

    Then there is the abuse issue. These are 2 separtate issues and only your BON is capable of giving you the advice you seek; each BON has different procedures and rules and it would be impossible for any of us to help you without knowing your state's Nurse Practce Act. Your profile is totally blank at this time, so we can't tell what state you are in.

    Sorry, but I don't think we can really give you the advice you are asking for. Good luck, though!