I just registered for the nclex exam and i have three juvenille misdemeanors... Battery, disorderly conduct, and petit theft? Has anyone been approved with this or been denied?... Read More

  1. by   bratmobile
    I knew someone convicted of manslaughter (drunk driving) who had subsequent DUIs and was still approved.. I understand the person has turned their life around and is now doing very well..
  2. by   arcruz02
    Hi i would just like to share an update of my situation. I've been licensed as an LVN since sept 2007. I received 2 dui's back in 2008 and consecutively 2009. Blew .13 first dui and blew .10 second dui. I broke probation. I was denied my app for NCLEX when finishing RN school feb 2011. I just had my combined LVN and BRN hearing this december 7th, wednesday. I represented myself. For those of you wondering if you should get an attorney, HIGHLY suggest you do so who are specialized in this type of matter. I came there unprepared. Luckily the judge was understanding but not all will be like the judge I had. Therefore, please come arrive to this hearing represented by a counsel at your own expense. Listen to all the advice given to you (enrolling yourself into a rehab program, attend AA meetings and find a sponsor, get your letters of rec/character letters; the more the better--- all this will show the judge and boards initiative). Be prepared that nothing will be determined at the end of this hearing... you will still need more waiting-- the deputy attorney representing the boards will give the evidence and hearing so that the boards can review the case and they will make the final say in the matter. The judge is just there to recommend. At the end of my hearing the judge recommended for me to be able to get a provisional, but that is not final say. The deputy attorney said it will take a few more months to get a final say.. sooo hear I am continuing to wait. I finished RN school back in Nov. 2010 and here I am still waiting. I will update you all when I finally hear back and I pray that everything works out in my favor. Goodluck to all of you and I hope this helps.
  3. by   DJYoung
    I just received my application denial letter today because I got a DUI three years ago. I'm not sure whether to appeal the denial or wait the year and apply again at that time. From what I've read in these posts, pursuing a stipulation is not the way to go as they will most likely put me on probation at best...which sounds like the worst option. Any advice is greatly appreciated. I'm devastated.
  4. by   octaviaM
    I would recommend appealling it instead of waiting a year to re-apply. I had two dui's one form 2001 and one from 2008 both were misdemeanors. My timeline was the following:
    Graduated from school September 2010
    Passed NCLEX January 2011
    Denied License March 2011
    Wrote to the board that I wanted to appeal April 2011
    Received Hearing date December 2011 (for July 2012)
    Hired an attorney (January 2012)
    Settled and was approved on probationary license (June 2012)
    If you wait a year and then get denied again, that will put your wait time that much longer. If you only have one DUI and it was a misdemeanor that is all that was on your record, I am surprised you were denied? There were a few people in my class who had one dui and they were approved. I am so sorry you are having to go through this, I hope you will make the right decision, I know how hard and frustrating it can be. Believe me I lived it and I still feel like I need to pinch myself that this is over now. But I did not give up and I had faith that I knew that I had worked to hard and my dream was to become a nurse and I was not going to let anything get in my way. I was completely fine with the probation license, it was my fault for getting the 2 dui's in my past so I need to prove to them that will never happen again I will do whatever it is that ask me to do. Anyway, best of luck to you, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I would suggest if you do appeal, hire an attorney asap, maybe they can speed up the process also it helps with peace and mind as well.
  5. by   nurseface
    I was approved after total disclosure and evidence of total rehabilitation. Everyone makes mistakes and the boards are forgiving...you just have to earn it!
  6. by   chelc13
    I was APPROVED after the board found a misdemeanor on my record. I showed the BON that I went to rehab, and proved myself to them without having to go to a hearing. IT IS POSSIBLE WITH A RECORD. It always depends on the case, but BON is understandable and will give u a chance. Remember if you really want to be a nurse YOU WILL BE!
  7. by   mr.needhelp
    Hey octavian how did you know that you passeD?does it say the same thing as denial application for licensure? plz reply asap thanks
  8. by   fever_rn
    I had a few minor discrepancies and knowone seems to care. Loitering where drugs are used and an assault turned to domestic violence charge and some various driving offenses.
  9. by   NRSKarenRN
    OP has not responded in pst year. Thread closed.