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Nursing License

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I have a couple of questions regarding my license.

I took the NCLEX Mon., found out I passed on Wed., and received my license in the mail yesterday.

Can/Should we carry our license on us at all times? Only while working? File it away in a safe place?

Also, can we laminate it? This may be different state to state. I posted the question on the Ohio forum and thus far have no responses, and so far I haven't been able to reach anyone at the OBN.

Thank You!


Tait, MSN, RN

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I keep mine in a safe place, and I never laminate any of those things. I kinda work off the "don't laminate your social security card" idea.

Edit: and yes :ancong!:

racing-mom4, BSN, RN

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I dont carry mine, I do have it in our lockbox at home along with our families birth cert and soc cards.

Ohio lic are online and can be accessed by anyone so the need to have it on you is not needed.

Any job can simply type in your name and find your lic number.

Congrats on passing your boards!!!


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I carry mine with me. I have been asked for it when applying for jobs and when going to a new facility as an agency nurse. This happens less often now that the info is all online, but my licenses (more than one state) say on them that it must be carried on your person. I know some states don't even issue paper licenses anymore. I don't laminate them.


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I make a copy of the on-line printed version and carry it with me. In rural Montana I have come accross many accidents and have had it as proof for EMT's and HP on scene that I can give care. I also keep my TNCC card with me for that reason also.

(Just in case your skills are needed to save a life)

And CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Congratulations on passing the boards! Yes, I carry my license in my wallet--just in case I'm asked for it for some reason. The licenses in our state look like credit cards so are already "laminated" in a way!

i have been at work and a couple of women came in at 11pm when i was due to get off..they flashed some badges and asked for the license of all nurses

i had to stay and give a statement, something i really hate to do, the incident that they were investigating happen on the shift of another nurse but somehow you feel quilty anyway


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NC stopped issuing a license that you can carry in your wallet. (I think in 2007.) The idea is that any potential employer can to the NCBON website and verifiy your license online. Luckily, I graduated in 2006 and received a credit card style license. I liked being able to hold that license in my hand and carrying it in my wallet. I was dissapointed when they stopped issuing them.

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