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  1. I-Med consents

    Is anyone using I-Med consents in radiology. My hospital has now stated that i-med consents must be used for all procedures, and that they will no longer be accepting paper consents. My questions are: 1. CT contrast consents. We all know that in ma...
  2. Am I wrong because i don't want to do CNA duites

    I worked for a small rural hospital with 30 beds. At night we had no CNA's. We had many end-of-life care patients and were often assigned 6-8 pt's, per one RN (no LPN's) and this included total care. Sometimes that number would include a post-part...
  3. Difficult Radiologist

    Radnurse54, Thank you so much for the reply. You made my day, knowing that there are others out there willing to share info. This forum has such great advice for us "younger ones". If I have any other questions I'll be sure to let you know. Than...
  4. Nursing License

    I make a copy of the on-line printed version and carry it with me. In rural Montana I have come accross many accidents and have had it as proof for EMT's and HP on scene that I can give care. I also keep my TNCC card with me for that reason also. (J...
  5. Shift Hours?

    I did work 3 12 hour shifts per week, full time. It was nice having 4 days off, only if your unit was lucky enough to be full staffed!! I now work M-F 0800-1600. It was tough to get used to but now can enjoy my evenings with family and not trying t...
  6. My new vent - "We can't do this here!"

    I have to agree with the others. If mother had "known placenta previa" and was greater than 20 weeks, the fetus has a much better chance if they RUN to L&D (I don't know of many EMS people in that situation that would walk her there). If she we...
  7. Hello and a question about BCLS v. ACLS

    ACLS requires you to have current BLS before you can take the class. After all what good is the advanced course if you don't refresh the basics. The instructors will usually ask for a copy of your current bls card prior to the class. Hope this hel...
  8. Paracentesis

    Sorry, just noticed a few spelling errors. Typing tooooo fast in order to make a meeting.
  9. Paracentesis

    First I would like to say I love this forum! You all are so supportive and you all have great advice to give. On that note, Do any of you have thoughts/ideas on thearaputic paracentesis? I have been surching articles but cannot find any that are w...
  10. CT protocols

    :coollook:In our facility our protocol is 1 hour before for the oral contrast. If the Rad has a hard time seeing anything, sometimes (rarely) they are given another half bottle and then scanned again. To the IV connecting tubing. The contrast is in...
  11. TNCC -------How Hard Is It

    I agree with the others that TNCC was a great class, in fact it was one of my favorites. Get your book ahead of time and study. The "hands on" info was really fun. At the end of my class there was a "disaster" in which you were given 30 minutes on...
  12. Difficult Radiologist

    D, Thank you for your advice. It seems to be getting a little bit better. I do have the chief Radiologist here today and we are planning on having a meeting (who knows if it will happen). And there are no p&p in place yet because I have yet to ...
  13. Difficult Radiologist

    Er nurse turned Radiology nurse ( I have recently started working at a small hospital that has never had a radiology nurse) needs some advice. The rads that work for this hospital work for several others in the area and are never here on the same day...