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Since the economy went downhill and facilities started hiring seasoned nurses returning from retirement, and housewife nurses that had a husband layed off, etc. the fight for your desired position... Read More

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    Quote from BostonTerrierLoverRN
    HUGE- Inject that you work well with a spectrum of personalities, you are not calling anyone names, you aren't assuming their this way, just saying that if their are "strong willed individuals, you will do everything possible to get along- and have in the past.
    Holy there, their, and they're, Batman!

    Is your spellchecker on the fritz?
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    Well, let's see,.... I apologized for the grammar and spelling on the main thread, the first following post, and again right above your post. But, I guess thanks for being observant to some extent?
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    Quote from BostonTerrierLoverRN
    Well, let's see,.... I apologized for the grammar and spelling on the main thread, the first following post, and again right above your post. But, Thank you I guess for being observant to some extent?
    You need to get that spellchecker fixed, for sure.

    Either that or you need more coffee.

    More coffee can be very helpful - not necessarily for grammar or spelling errors, but it sure helps me not care that they're there =P
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    Excellent article Thank you so much!
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    Thankyou for this very helpful information! Do you have any specific advice for re-entry nurses? I know there are many of us who would love to return to acute care. I have taken an RN refresher course.
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    Okay, so I have a question for the OP about contacting a human resources (HR) manager for a non-nursing clinical job that I'd applied to. It's at a Texas clinic where I live, but unfortunately I don't know anyone who works there so I don't have a networking reference to state, "Oh such-and-such works at X Clinic".

    However, due to the powers of Google, I ended up finding out who the HR manager is at that clinic, as well as her email address. I feel half-tempted to email her to get my application looked at, since I really want this job. But at the same time I don't want to come off as a nuisance.

    To email or not to email?
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    This was so incredibly helpful!! Thanks for sharing!!
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    Thank you so much, your information is extremely helpful and I will be using it this morning when I go for an interview
    This is a really good post. I was laid off (from a non-nursing job, but medical related) five months ago, and shy of two and a half weeks from taking my boards I have used that time to study for my boards, take my boards, successfully passed my boards, and taking the last few pre-requisite classes needed to enter the BSN. On some online applications, some institutions ask to explain any gaps over 2 months, and I put what I have stated above. Is this correct? Should I put something else?
    I have been actively looking since September and well...nothing is happening . Then again my area has about 13 nursing schools, graduating nurses twice a year. I have only gotten 2 interviews, and only because of networking, but not given the position.
    I have done a telemetry course, and now I am thinking of taking a basic EKG and 12 lead course to help my resume. The reason that I want to add these is because on my last interview it was for a Telemetry Internship, and the person interviewing me stated that my telemetry course will not be comparable to their expectations.
    I wanted to go to another county, but I am afraid to not even get considered because I do not live there.
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    Very good article. I work in staff education and see some horrible resumes from time to time. They really leave a bad impression and leave me to think that if they are this bad in expressing themselves, how well will they be caring for our patients and how well will they be documenting their interventions. I teach part time at a local school and will share this advice with my students. Thanks!
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    I wouldn't have gotten my job without this advice. I am blown away at the ease your interview advice gave me, and the body language cues helped me as I am on the autism spectrum (undiagnosed), and have a great deal of trouble reading emotions. Thanks Boston!!
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    Awesome Article, thanks a lot
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    This is a very helpful article! Thank you so much for taking time to write (and edit ) it! Re:second career/new grad nurses. Do you just include previous work experience as it stands? For example, I was a dental assistant for 10 years. How do I approach that (semi-relevant) info on the resume?