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So I applied and interviewed at the three local hospitals, which are collectively part of one hospital system. One of the hiring managers hired me, and said that human resources would follow up. ... Read More

  1. by   Soliloquy
    Yayyy! I'm glad you found something, Stephiee
  2. by   mariebailey
    I temporarily deactivated my account the last time I decided to start job-hunting. You could also consider a pseudonym. If your user ID gives away your name for this website, consider changing it.
  3. by   citylights89
    Quote from Meriwhen
    How works is that it pulls stuff from public records. Basically, it doesn't contain anything that isn't public knowledge...but I agree, it is unnerving to see all of that info about you in one place.

    You can write them to remove your listing from spokeo, but your info is still in the public records.
    I got it taken down, but I know most of that information is still out there. :/ Now the creepers just have to work a little bit harder for it. Muahaha.
  4. by   Ntheboat2
    What's even more scary about Spokeo is that all the information they have on there is not accurate. I actually signed up on that site once (it was like $15) and they had all the pictures I had ever put on photobucket and stuff like that, but they also had a bunch of info that was totally inaccurate. I filed a dispute through PayPal which is what I used to pay for the service and got my money back by claiming false advertising which is what they did.
    I also don't use my real name on FB . As to your cop friend please becareful your best friend today can be your worst enemy tomorrow.

    I'm happy for you about your new job.
  6. by   Devochka
    Facebook has privacy settings that you must not have been using. Nobody can see my posts except friends. You may have had your settings set to friends of friends, or acquaintances, or even friend requests. You can't even find my fb page or my name b/c I have the privacy settings high enough.
  7. by   joanna73
    I've checked and double checked my FB just to be certain. Unless I "friend" you, you will not have access to my page at all. Even some of my friends have had trouble finding me after a search. I also have only 34 friends. I do not friend random people or coworkers. So unless a friend shows someone my page, they cannot view it. The privacy settings are there for a reason, and they work. Still, I would not post anything here or anywhere on the net that I'm not comfortable with. Self regulation is the key.
  8. by   sapphire18
    Congrats on the new job!!

    As an aside, does anyone know if you can still restrict your entire page to "friends only" all at one time, or do you have to go through post by post now? Things seem to have changed since timeline started:/
  9. by   joanna73
    I was on facebook today. Since timeline, everyone can see all your old posts, UNLESS you go into your old posts one by one and either select "delete post" or "hide from timeline". Anything I felt I didn't want people reading, I deleted, since they're older posts anyway. I also post pics other than my actual face for my profile pic. So even if someone accidentally found me, they wouldn't know it was me. Another way to circumvent anyone other than a "friend."
  10. by   LadyFree28
    I can google my name and its pulls EVERYTHING-even message boards. The issue is if you are going be Internet socially active, it's how you post. I was on another nursing message board site and she stated that she was not able to obtain a new job because of her comments on a thread that the employer deemed to be counterproductive to team work, and respect of management. I have a personal page as well as two group and two fan pages for social activities that I engage in, as well as a part if several groups related to my career and alumni networking. I had to not link a site that I made for a social group that I was a part of as a page on Facebook because the founder-and was a main administrator as well-her tact was not becoming, and I did not want to risk my chances of landing a job. My posts are inspirational pictures or quotes, sharing news information or other neutral information, and usually I'm not on fb only but every 1-2 weeks I will post. Most of our pages and accounts can be tracked on how often we post or on fb...that itself may be a factor on landing a job-if you post anything and everything at every second, chances are if it's between you and another candidate, you may not get the job because it's suspected that you are going to be on fb at your job, risking pt mortality and morbidity...We are held to stricter standards once we decide to pursue this profession. We are expected to be empathetic, professional and non-judgmental 24/7...but we are human too.
  11. by   silenced
    If you're going to add coworkers to any social networking site, make sure it's just a professional network like Linkedin. Also, if you do your facebook privacy settings correctly, you can't even by found by other people. However, it is probably best to deactivate a facebook account during a job search!
  12. by   mariebailey
    Quote from Devochka
    Facebook has privacy settings that you must not have been using. Nobody can see my posts except friends. You may have had your settings set to friends of friends, or acquaintances, or even friend requests. You can't even find my fb page or my name b/c I have the privacy settings high enough.
    It sounds like you have done what you can to protect your privacy, but you cannot control who sees if you comment on someone else's post or a page that does not belong to you. For example, I had really strict privacy settings, & I wrote on an event wall following a party invite that I was unable to attend. When you googled me, that comment would show up as public b/c the event creator controlled who could access posts on that page. I had to delete the comment to remove it from public searches. Just an example to illustrate the loopholes.
  13. by   joanna73
    As mentioned, you can be linked by posts you've made on other people's pages. I was always well aware of this, and I'm careful about what I say on other people's pages for that reason. I also google my name periodically to see what pops up. I'm not concerned. Realistically, anything you post on the net is open season, so it's always best to use tact. I'm surprised at how many people don't understand this yet.