Needlestick injury from hiv+ pt

  1. Hi all - My daughter is a new RN (<1 year), and I just wanted to share her experience with an hiv+ pt and a needstick injury she received - and her good outcome (Thank God)!! I was part of the anxiety, stress, worry that she has gone through for the past 6 + months, so thought I would share what she and I learned throughout this process, and hopefully help others that have encountered this. She works on a med surg floor, and was floated to another floor, because the PCA could not get a good blood draw from her pt., so she went up to help her out. My daughter got a successful blood draw, with a butterfly needle, from hiv+ pt; when she went to discard needle into the sharps box, the PCA, who was unable to get enough blood, did not discard her needle fully into the sharps box; so when my daughter disposed of hers, her pointer finger pricked the secondary needle (not the needle directly inserted into the woman's vein). It drew a fair amount of blood. She immediately went to her charge nurse, and then to the ER. They gave her a baseline HIV test, and then administered Truvada and Isentress, which had to be taken for 1 month, at the same time each day for it to be effective. She was tested again at 1 month, then again at 4 months, then at 6 months. She works nights, and when I received that phone call @ 5 am telling me she was in the ER with her husband of 1 month, ugh-----it was HORRIFYING!!! Through our research, we found that treatment should begin within 2 hours of the injury - so don't wait, and don't feel like you're bothering anyone- it's your health and life! You have a right to know the viral load of the pt. - determining risk factor. Take all of your medicine, no matter how badly it makes you feel!(short term thing). And lots of prayers We are so thankful that she is fine, and she learned a good lesson from this - you can never be too careful!!
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  4. by   mwilsbsn
    Glad your daughter is well!
  5. by   Leader25
    Thank you for sharing,this might save someones life one day.It is really scary and many of us have been in her shoes.
  6. by   Leader25
    The pca should have been written up for improper disposal and endangering others and reported to CDC.
  7. by   Emergent
    I was stuck by a Hep C pt needlestick, so very much know the anxiety your daughter went through. That wait is stressful!
  8. by   inthecosmos
    I am glad she is safe!