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We have quite a few people on MRSA and VRE isolation on the floor, and while i see the CNAs and the nurses wearing everything to go in the room, quite a few DOCTORS aren't putting ANY PPE on when... Read More

  1. by   nekhismom
    As for the handwashing situation, I have noticed that the alcohol-based foam has done a great job in increasing compliance with handwashing. I like the stuff, but after a few uses, I just HAVE to scrub with soap and water. He he.

    At least the doctors will use the alcohol foam, but they NEVER wash their hands.
  2. by   tmoorelpn
    I work in LTC and on our unit we have 42 residents. Out of those 42 we have 5 on isolation for MRSA of the urine. We've had three that have had MRSA of the urine for months now but we just put two others in isolation last week. We have two others in contact isolation for shingles. It's a nightmare on that unit right now.

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    and isn't it a shame that good handwashing could alleviate most all mrsa/vre that are in all hospitals---we are affiliated with a university/hospital and are finding a new resistant "bug" prevalent in the univ hosp now coming to us--the commonality ??? the DOCTORS ???? teaching is necessary!!!!!!!!!
  3. by   graduatemay2004
    I'm a student that has been tring to understand more about MERSA. Two residents in the home I work in have MERSA in their urine, but are brought out of their rooms for the day. Is this not suppose to be or is it because the MERSA is in their urine? Also some of the CNA's rarely use proper PPE so if they come in contact with the urine is it likely they will fight it off if they get infected? If they don't show infection, is it something that is there now in their body and when their immune system is down it will show up? It's scary to know so many health care workers do not protect themselves!!
  4. by   RNKITTY04
    We were pretty much taught last year in Med Surg 1 that most nurses have MRSA and we will probley get it too. At the time I did'nt think too much about it but now you guys got me thinking. What EXACTLY is MRSA? What are the long term implications? Is this something I should just accept as being a "given" for being a nurse? Is this something that will come back to bite me when I'm a lol?
    Please help educate "in the dark" nursing student.
  5. by   graduatemay2004
    Now that is disturbing. I hope their are some more replys to this thread from extensive medical backgrounds because there is not much in the textbooks on MRSA. Does that mean you then infect your Mom, husband, wife, children, babies your in contact with, ect? I thought for some reason that it was bacterial colonies that no antibiotics would work for because those people had been on so many antibiotics before and became immune. Help, would love to get some info on this matter. Thanks
    scared to not know
  6. by   fergus51

    you can google anything nowadays....
  7. by   jkaee
    I have a pt with VRE of the urine and MRSA of sputum (although tonight her 1st nasal swab came back negative! yeaaaaa!)

    She's in a private room and all the PPE you need (masks, gowns and gloves) are right outside her room. All of her meals are on disposable plates, cups and utensils. We don't bring her tray in her room, just the plates, etc.

    She has been in strict iso since admission, but since she's continent and oriented, ADON stated that she could come out of her room as long as she has a mask on. We planned on having her come out later on in my shift when most residents are in bed. Hopefully, for her sake since she's so bored in her room, this won't be an issue in a couple of weeks.

    In my last job, we had no private rooms, and the MRSA/VRE resident was in a room with the general population. And they weren't confined to their room either. Standard contact iso was followed, (when there was enough PPE available) and we didn't experience a big outbreak of anything. But I don't feel comfortable with that practice.


  8. by   redwinggirlie
    Anyone who would go in a MRSA room without a gown or gloves is wrong. There never is an instance where you go in a MRSA patient's room to answer a call light and they won't need something. There you go, touching. And besides, you pressed the call light off anyhow.
    No no no no no...
  9. by   ciado
    Quote from fergus51

    you can google anything nowadays....
    odd- I can't seem to find a list of symptoms, nor any information on the prevalence of the disease being spread from caretaker(nurse,tech, dr, lab etc) to his/her family members.
  10. by   debRN0417
    In addition to all the PPE, the hosptial I work at started distributing anti-bacterial hand wipes to all patients admitted to our floor. They are instructed on admission about their use and we remind each one (isolation or not) to use the wipes frequently in addition to regular handwashing. We have cut down on the positive VRE and MRSA on our unit, but of course, we still get them in on admission...though it is not spreading on our floor.
  11. by   SouthernLPN2RN
    When I was on MS there was a nasty argument between the charge nurse and a surgeon about that very same thing. We also had a surgeon (ortho) who mandated that none of his patients be in a room next to a MRSA pt and the nurse assigned to his pt couldn't also be assigned to a MRSA pt. VRE was fairly rare, I think maybe 2 cases in the 11 months I was there. MRSA pts were a dime a dozen.
  12. by   violetrose
    I work in LTC, ISOLATION we don't use it anymore. UNIVERSAL PRECAUTIONS is our procedure, what we do depends on the diagnosis. If in a wound, it's covered with dressing, if no active drng outside the dressing we generally don't do anything different just good handwashing. Of course when doing the treatments or exposed to the source gloves are always used. Infection control nurse tells us that most cases are colonized so no need to put them on tradional isolation anymore; We inform all staff of precautions, we are not allowed to post signs because of the dignity/issues. When there in the hospital they are on full isolation, we get them in we our facility we aren't doing anything different. I'm confused !!!
  13. by   pwp1289
    Had A Large Problem With Icu Pts Coming Down With Mrsa/vre--the Place Was Scrubbed Top To Bottom And So Forth--so What We Do Now Is Everyone Has Surveilance Cultures Done When Pts Enter And Leave The Unit--and Many Times Pts Already Have + Cultures And Have Been On Reg Floors All That Time !!!!! Do You Know That Each Hospital Has Its Own Strain Of Mrsa ?????so Each Hospital Gets Equal Blame If Pts Are Transferred Back And Forth.........