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  1. by   micro
    I would rather know ahead of time and then do consider working more......cause I can plan ahead.........
    the spur of the moment is ____

    but then again, money is only money.....
    and the bills will always be there.........

    so what is more important.....
    hi, i am _______ your sick and tired nurse and I will be taking care of you tonight.................
  2. by   nakitamoon
    Micro,,,,,,, still lookin for that ticket here in florida!!!!!!!!

    As charge nurse in skilled,,,, worked two 16's,,,,,, weekends,,,,,
    Only would pick up OT,,,, when I wanted it,,,,, use the caller ID and didn't answer the phone,,,,,

    Became D.O.N. four years ago,,,,,, so feel like i work 24/7,,,,, physically in building at least 12 hours day M-F,,,,,, don't have to use time clock,,,,, (corp, doesn't want me to know I'm really working for min. wage ).......

    Try to watch my hours and make up the OT I don't get paid for,,,,, by going home,,,,, not using pto time,,,,

    So hate to see,,,,, my charge nurses paychecks,,,,, so much more than mine cause they picked up OT,,,,,,,,,

  3. by   micro
    find the ticket
    find the ticket
    find the ticket

  4. by   BBnurse34
    I am a part time employee. I am scheduled for two twelves each week. I pick up a third 12 each week for double time. Easy money. I keep waiting for the powers that be to figure it out and make me go full time.
  5. by   BadBird
    I work 3 ,12 hr. shifts 7p-7a I could not safely stay after my 12 but I would consider a 4 or 8 hr shift on a day off.
  6. by   CashewLPN
    hmm... I try my damndest not to do the MOT thing...
    see-- I work 8 days out of every 2 week period... but, thanks to the nice huge differences b/t the LPN and RN contracts, (LPNs can still get mandated, but, we get really good health insurance... RN's cant get mandated, and the health insurance isint as good... hmm... a coincidence?)
    sometimes I get mandated. it sucks...
    I go to school full time-- 4hrs a day, 5 days a week... oh, lets not forget the 1hr 15 min commute each way to school, and the 15 minute commute to work each way.... so, if I'm getting mandated, i 1) throw a fit, and 2) file protest...
    so, exhaustion is my middle name...
    tis my life
  7. by   Gardengal
    How much is too much?
    It depends on what's going on in my life at the time. Sometimes I pick up a lot of extra time because we're so short and I have the time and energy-sometimes I just can't do extra. I work with a very cohesive team of staff and we work very hard to protect each others' special circumstances. We do have mandatory overtime at our facility but in the past year I can recall only 3 occasions when it was actually used in our unit. Those three occasions were greeted with resignation, but not anger.
    At times the use of mandatory overtime causes great anxiety with the nurses but usually we just play it by ear and somehow we work out our staffing problems by creatively switching schedules around until someone who wants to pick up overtime is able to do it.
    Last pay I did 28 extra hours. The pay I got yesterday was for only 4 hours extra on my usual 80 hours. Boy I sure am rested this weekend to spend my extra money from last pay.
  8. by   NurseBoricua
    Agree with Gardengal. Sometimes ther are situations in our lives that the opportunity of OT is a blessing...like a sick spouse, an accident, or death in the family, etc. It depends also on the individual. So it has a lot to do with what you value that week or that moment. Some people do it so they can provide for their own.
  9. by   baseline
    I get so tired, my first day off is spent doing nothing!
    (Fifty and fat and a body that is battered from working 30 years in nursing)

    This describes me to a TEE!!!! I am salary so I guess 50 hours aweek is okay? :-(
  10. by   micro
    Yikes, the fatigue thread. Yep, I am just coming out of being "dead" from too many hours. This last two days off. After staying over into third Friday night.
    Going into a long stretch. and yikkkiee''''''''
    Oh, well it pays bills..........yee haw!!!!!

    I have 250+ hours I could take.......and building.......

    time to put in for time off........

  11. by   Youda
    Micro! You changed to a blonde!

    As for OT, it depends on how I feel. If I'm already tired, no way! If I'm feeling burned-out, no way! If admin is making me crazy, no way!

    If I'm feeling rested, or obsessing over something I MUST buy, then sign me up.
  12. by   micro

    Me, blonde...........joke.......hehehehehehehehee
    me, shakira..........joke.......hehehehehehehehehe

    too much work.........not saying no, or even volunteering.....
    bad brain to mouth connection.........
    oh, well it does pay bills.........

    I am going to put in for some time off, but it won't be for a bit, as you have to put in at least one month + ahead of time.............

    I gotta go back to brunette or something scary in resemblance of halloween.....oh, that would be me......hehehehehehehehehehehe

    sorry I digress, regress, but I am enjoying my day off,

    one day at a time,
  13. by   ERNurse752
    I just picked up 2 hours extra last night for a 70% critical need bonus.

    That, I can do...