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  1. Hello all!

    After months and months of sending out resumes I finally had my first interview today for an RN position on a Med/Surg floor at a local hospital. Let me tell you, I was NERVOUS! But I really wanted the position and God only knows how hard it is to even get an interview-- I GAVE IT MY ALL! I met with the nurse manager who was a very nice woman. Well to my delight she wants me to come to a second interview! She said the second interview is a peer interview. I think I am more nervous now than I was before I interviewed the first time(lol).

    Does anyone know what types of things they ask and what they are really looking for? I really want this job. I want them to see that I am really enthusiastic about this. My family's financial situation is at its all-time low and if I don't land this job I don't know what we will do. Please help me with any ideas, thoughts, questions, answers or anything that comes to mind. I appreciate your time reading this.
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  3. by   General E. Speaking, RN
    I have been on a few peer interview panels. Mainly for the nurse managers they were hiring for our unit. They (upper mgmt) gave us some questions they wanted answered (Like: tell me about a time when you had to deal with a difficult doctor/co-worker/patient and how did you handle it?)

    After that we all got to ask specific questions on our own. Like what is your management style, or how would you g about specifically increasing interest in continuing education.

    If i were you, I would google search "nursing sample interview questions". This should give you an idea so that you can at least prepare and not feel ambushed! Good luck!
  4. by   rn2bhopefully
    Thank you for your reply. I will do that. I really want and need this job. I want them to know how I am eager to learn and will dedicate all of my energy into performing my job. I just hope it comes through and not just my nervousnous.
  5. by   trigger0423
    i had also attended a panel interview before, as far as my memory is concerned they first asked me about everything written on my resume,then they asked me about how do i resolve conflict in any situation. then they will jump into clinical questions. you just have to be honest and humble in every answer you will make.
  6. by   onetiredmomma
    Funny you should ask this..I have a "panel" interview today! If you are given a chance to ask questions: ask them about nurse pt ratio, unit longevity (do people stay or leave), how they do scheduling ....anything that you can think of to let them know you are interested in how their unit functions. Good luck to both of us!!
  7. by   WolfpackRed
    I am involved in my units per interview committee. I can say that, in addition to the suggestions listed above, be prepared to speak about any leadership roles you may have or had in previous positions. Have you been involved in any committees, volunteer organizations or performance improvement projects. Also, we like to ask about a nurses' use of EBP.
  8. by   Otessa
    In a peer interview YOU are also able to ask questions. Don't EVER say "I don't have any questions". An inquisitive mind is a good thing.
  9. by   Orange Tree
    I wonder if one can "fail" a peer interview. I've heard peer interviews are management's way of encouraging harmony between established employees and new employees. The "establishment" is supposed to be friendlier and more supportive since they chose you.
  10. by   Otessa
    Quote from Orange Tree
    I wonder if one can "fail" a peer interview. I've heard peer interviews are management's way of encouraging harmony between established employees and new employees. The "establishment" is supposed to be friendlier and more supportive since they chose you.

    Yep, you can fail a peer interview. Just involved in peer interviews a few weeks ago-we interviewed prospective candidates. We looked at everything from eye contact, attitude, how put together they were (polished shoes, no dirty fingernails, etc.) and if they were extremely flustered by our questions (they were not difficult questions-just needed some reflection).

    There was a difference between nervousness (this is normal) and over-confidence and thinking you knew it all when clearly that was not the case-we've all worked with these "not going to ask a question and I am never wrong" type of people.

  11. by   mitral
    Thank you for sharing! I would love to see any other peer interview questions. I've got one coming up as well, and i've never even heard of it before!
  12. by   MidwestBetty
    I have one next week and I was hoping to also get some more insight if anyone else has had one.
  13. by   MidwestBetty
    Since I tried to respond back in a private message but can't yet since I have less than 15 posts I figured I would just copy and paste what I wrote about my peer interview today.

    "My peer interview actually went great. Better than I thought it would be. They weren't really harsh and everyone just seemed friendly. It was pretty much the same questions from a regular interview such as weaknesses, strengths, what I could bring to the table... Etc. just remember if they received an award to acknowledge it. Such as best in patient care. Hope this helps. "
  14. by   marta02225
    Hey everyone,

    I have a nurse manager and peer interview coming up. could you please advise during the interview you had, did they asked you a general questions or behavioral as well? for example, situation given and you need to respond of what will you do? also, do they give dosage calculation exam?