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Hi! I would just like to ask if working as a company nurse here in the Philippines will count as "nursing experience" when applying overseas? Thank you so much for your inputs... Read More

  1. by   jms8
    @medic28: can you pm me the name of the agency and their number. i'm interested as well
  2. by   hazelnutRN
    @ MEDIC28 can u please PM me the details about the company and contact of agency.. your response is highly appreciated.tnx
  3. by   medic8
    Hi, to all who are asking about the name of our agency... I'm sorry to say this but I recently asked my supervisor if they are still accepting applications for reliever nurses but she told me not they're on freeze hiring right now. Maybe that's the reason why those people whom I know applied also wasn't called up for interview.
  4. by   hazelnutRN
    @ medic28 can u pls PM me still.. i want to try my luck.. and pass application.. tnx..
  5. by   amphetamine
    what does a company nurse really do aside from giving paracetamol?
  6. by   medic8
    Quote from ciprofloxacin
    what does a company nurse really do aside from giving paracetamol?
    Don't they taught this in professional nursing subject? hehe! try googling it, you'll be surprised.
  7. by   mikalai
    hi guys! Speaking of companies do you guys know any good companies hiring nurses right now? I have been training for a year in a government hospital and I really would like to try another setting since mostly all hospitals are on freeze hiring. Thank you for those who'll respond!
  8. by   chuku
    Quote from medic28
    That's true. But you can be hired even if you don't have the BOSH yet provided that you will be able to have it not later than 6mos. from the start of your work. But, to tell you the truth, I don't have it yet. And i'm still planning to take it this year. I've been working for 1 yr. as a company nurse already. Our agency doesn't require us to take the training. so sad. :-(

    Im not sure with the BOSH by DoLE w/c is 3+K and that one offerd by OHNAP-DOLE w/c costs 8+k w/c they say is specifically for nurses. I find it very expensive knowing that the onefor 3+k is a 5 day training, and the 8+k is a 6 day training. hmmm??? is there something fishy in that? anyway,O'm just wondering.
    hi medic28! where are u now? are u from Sacred Heart College,Lucena City???
  9. by   heme
    Quote from lalakingnar
    the law requires nurses who wants to work in an occupational health settings to get atleast 40 hours of post graduate training course on occupational health nursing (Basic Occupational Safety and Health Course for Nurses).
    That is not true. Book 4, Section 6 (B) of the Omnibus Rules Implementing the Labor Code states that the occupational nurse must have passed the examination given by the Board of Examiners and duly licensed to practice nursing in the Philippines and preferably with at least fifty (50) hours of training in occupational nursing conducted by the Department of Health, the Institute of Public Health of the University of the Philippines or by any organization accredited by the former.

    "Preferably" meaning that the training is most wanted or preferred, but not necessarily mandated. Plus, it's 50 hours and not 40.
  10. by   chuku
    Quote from chuku
    hi medic28! where are u now? are u from Sacred Heart College,Lucena City???

    sorry i wasnt able to reply on ur visitor msg, i need 15 more posts???
    anyways, just got interested maybe i know u,maybe were batchmates.i dnt know u personally,i dnt even know your name.hehe.i'm from southern luzon state university-lucban. i find ur posts really interesting and informative..
  11. by   jrll
    hi guys! i'm actually just new here.. well, i''m currently working as a company nurse for 3 mos. my working env't is good.. actually i wasn't required with the BOSH/OHNAP training but planning soon. i still need to save for it becoz it's really expensive.. (8k)..
  12. by   mistiknit
    @jennyrose: where are you working as company nurse
  13. by   jrll
    @mistiknit: rather not tell the company name but same setting with call centers.. most of the companies or call center usually hire company nurses through agencies because i myself is under an agency.. if ur ntrested just try searching online..