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  1. mikalai

    where/when did you graduated?

    FEU, Batch 2009, RN 2009 :) So Many Tams! Hi there!
  2. Hi there! Mostly the exam in fabella are maternal and fundamental nursing related. Focus on drug computations though. Good luck! :)
  3. mikalai

    The Medical City

    Wow! Congratulations leeleepig! I do hope you get in. :) That job can do for the moment since there are no vacancies yet. I still havent passed my requirements yet since am waiting for another copy of my transcript. I do hope things will go well for us nurses. God bless everyone!:redbeathe
  4. mikalai

    Philippine General Hospital

    I see. :) Hoping all goes well for us!
  5. mikalai

    Philippine General Hospital

    Hi there Pipau! I'm sorry for answering late. You could download it on their groups. The 2nd one. I already passed mine but they told me they want an original TOR and Board rating so I'm planning to get my original copies again this week from the school and prc. Good luck! When did you take the exam btw? ^_^
  6. mikalai

    Philippine Nurses Association (PNA)

    Yup! :) As replied earlier you will
  7. mikalai

    Philippine Nurses Association (PNA)

    Hi there! Just go to PNA, you'll be given an application form, fill it up and pay 400.php to the cashier. You'll be given a pink card/id for membership.
  8. mikalai

    Nurses on Call Center Industry

    thanks, I'll check
  9. mikalai

    Manila Doctors Hospital

    Hi! They will give a list of requirements once you get there. Just bring the usual requirements, resume, tor, board rating, prc license etc...
  10. mikalai

    Nurses on Call Center Industry

    Hi OnlineMichael! I don't have a call center experience yet and I'm thinking of applying in your company...Will my credentials suffice even if I just have one year clinical experience?
  11. Hi Cardiography! ANSAP has suturing trainings :) Call them for more info. My friends trained at ANSAP, they will be giving you a suturing license and certificate once you finish all the cases.
  12. mikalai

    Philippine General Hospital

    Hi guys! Who are Passers of the August exam here? Have you passed your requirements already to the DNR? Thanks! Will be passing mine this monday!
  13. mikalai

    re:vermont processing time to for licensure/att

    Hi there! Vermont will be sending you an email msg that they have received your papers and they will also send some password and all for you to see your application online in their website. :) Just wait a little. If you wont receive an email they also send you a note through mail, so always check your mail box. Hope it helps!
  14. mikalai

    Commonwealth Memorial Hospital and Medical center

    Hi! Many I know the requirements in your hospital? Or better the number of your hospital or HR office. I have been searching the internet for your hospital's website but sadly there is no any. Thank you!
  15. mikalai

    re:vermont processing time to for licensure/att

    do I have to email pearson about this? Because I sent my request to the BON and still it's been a month now and there are no replies or ATT yet...