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Hi! I would just like to ask if working as a company nurse here in the Philippines will count as "nursing experience" when applying overseas? Thank you so much for your inputs

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That's true. But you can be hired even if you don't have the BOSH yet provided that you will be able to have it not later than 6mos. from the start of your work. But, to tell you the truth, I don't have it yet. And i'm still planning to take it this year. I've been working for 1 yr. as a company nurse already. Our agency doesn't require us to take the training. so sad. :-(

Im not sure with the BOSH by DoLE w/c is 3+K and that one offerd by OHNAP-DOLE w/c costs 8+k w/c they say is specifically for nurses. I find it very expensive knowing that the onefor 3+k is a 5 day training, and the 8+k is a 6 day training. hmmm??? is there something fishy in that? anyway,O'm just wondering.

medic28 which agency are you with?

Im with a private agency. they are the only contractor who provides health services to one of the telecommunications company in the country and it's sub-companies. As of now, they are not hiring for regular posts, but wht I know is that they are still hiring relievers. You'll just be on call. You'll just have your duty whenever someone will be on leave or will be absent. Good for additional income especilly if you have other commitments like schooling/ training or work. I can PM you the name of the agency and the number if yiu're really interested.

pm me your agency contact info:) thanks

I just would like to share this. I am about to have my hospital training for 3 mos this year while I am still employed as a company nurse. I just found out that my employer allows their nurse employees to file for a leave of absence for months.

I won't be having my salary while i'm on leave but My 3 mos of absence will still count for my experience as a company nurse. I will be using the money I got working as a company nurse for the expenses for 3 mos while on training. ( BTW, It's a free training, i'll just be spending for my dalily needs, food, fares etc.) Before, I thought of resigning before I go to training. But Filing for a leave of absence is a better alternative because I won't be worrying about getting a job after my training because I am still employed by our company.

To those working as nurses w/c are not hospital based and to those who are working in other fields not related to nursing, maybe you can do the same. Just so you can be able to refresh your clinical skills. Try asking your employer. :)

And also, I found out that some of my co-employees are doing hospital trainings/volunteering without filing or a leave, they just try to fit the schedule of their duty in the hospital to their existing schedule as a company nurse. But this was not possible in my case because I am working in manila and the training I will be having is outside metro manila.

hi. can u pm me the info abou your company. thanks:yeah:

@medic28: can you also pm me the info of your company. many thanks.

@medic28 hello interested too about this agency u mentioned. could i get details on this. Please PM. Thank you so much.

@medic28 im also interested to know more about our agency., could you pm me the details too?

@medic28 can u also pm me the details of your agency...thanks!

@medic28 im also interested to know more about our agency., could you pm me the details, thanks

hi...if it wouldn't be such a problem...can you pm me the details of the agency too...thanks and God bless!

You can try this agency CARELINK Healthcare Services Company

3/F Rm 1&2 Bonanza Plaza Bldg.

Quirino Highway, Greater Lagro

Quezon City, Philippines..

It's an agency..

@felicitypaul : Have you tried Carelink?

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