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here's my dilemma, I passed the local boards last June 2006 and because of certain issues, our licenses are on hold. I know it has been said a lot of times that a local license is not needed for... Read More

  1. by   tantrum
    This is the reason I told my wife not to bother taking the local board exams. It's not worth the grief you'll get from the BON's if something wrong like this happens again. It's not even a requirement prior to taking the NCLEX.
    But for those who already took it, there is no other choice but to be honest and wait for the decisions to come.
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  3. by   g_race
    mr. tantrum: I'm one of the 2006 graduates. i've sent my application to California BON second week of may and I've got my approval to schedule the NCLEX -RN exam this week. I haven't taken my local board here either. Advise your wiife that she can send in her application even without the local license. :-) Good luck...
  4. by   nrswnabee
    Quote from suzanne4
    What is a CI? We do not have that title in the US.

    i believe CI refers to clinical instructor.
  5. by   suzanne4
    Then they definitely will need to retake the exam to get hired in the US by a university or nursing program.
  6. by   Heinrick
    Hi Suzanne CI here means clinical instructor... they're the one who's supervising the nursing students when they are in the hospital gaining experience
  7. by   Starbee
    Hi Suzanne, i read many posts here that there is no need for a local license just to sit for nclex, so why would potential employers based our performance in NLE (Im a June 2006 NLE passer) given we passed the NCLEX? Please help, I'm confused. Thanks for your response.
  8. by   tantrum
    Quote from Starbee
    Hi Suzanne, i read many posts here that there is no need for a local license just to sit for nclex, so why would potential employers based our performance in NLE (Im a June 2006 NLE passer) given we passed the NCLEX? Please help, I'm confused. Thanks for your response.
    I think she was referring to the portion of the NCLEX application asking for a local license if you have taken the NLE exam (although local license is not needed). You have to answer honestly and if you say you have taken the exams, then they will require a verification of your license from the PRC (direct). That's where the problem is as if PRC cannot give the actual license yet or verify for the BON's. Those who did not take the local (NLE) exam are actually better off as they dont have to deal with all these nonsense.
  9. by   suzanne4
    For those of you that applied to a BON after you took the NLE, the states are not granting permission to sit for the exam. There are no results that can be verified, and PRC is unable to submit results to other countries as of yet, since the case is now in court in Manila.

    Due to major issues with cheating in the NLE, and now with issues popping up concerning the NCLEX, and CGFNS exams as well, and the latest is the IELTS exams, hospitals are asking specific questions to those that wrote the exam this summer. And because of all of the publicity concerning the exam that is being covered all over the US, unless the nurse wants to retest, those results have no validity in the US. The issue is also going to be with the Visa Screen Certificate, since there is no license as of yet issued in the Philippines, and since the exam was taken; there needs to be a license number issued. The only two choices are exam taken and not passed, and exam taken and license issued. There is nothing else available.

    And as I have been saying for more than one year, if your goal is to work directly in the US, and not in the Philippines, then do not even take the local exam. for those that did not take it, no problems. For those that did take it, problems that will be there for months and months and months.
  10. by   suzanne4
    The issue is that the exam was taken, but yet there are no verifiable results that are available. The letter or certificate that you have from the PRC is worthless out of the country. It cannot be verified legally. And that is what the issue is.

    There is no license to declare. Period. But yet, you have taken the exam.
  11. by   corrupted_caregiver
    Now i got your point suzanne. hmmmm.. no official position yet by PRC?? How can we know any official position if they just said there would be no retake? what now?
  12. by   Starbee
    Thank you Suzanne, now I got it.
  13. by   Fil-RN
    Quote from ctatacute
    I'm applying in Illinois...

    I just got confused, I know you can go on with the application even without a local license but in our case... We have one but we don't have it yet.. and we don't know when we will be able to get it... so I'm thinking if I should go on without it or wait for it... because if i go on, they might question me on why i didnt declare my license... but if I wait, I'm wasting my precious time naman... *sigh*
    I agree with suzanne when she says that you might be charged with fraud which could eventually jeopardize your prospects of a getting a job here in the US. I think Illinois has not yet signed with the compact states so they are still recquiring that you pass the CGFNS exam. If they're already a member of the compact state however, you would need the CES for them to process your application even without the license. Don't be in such a hurry to apply for a job here in the US. I'm a permanent resident here and I finished my pre med and RN degree in the philippines, I'm licensed in the philippines and here in california. When I went back here I had no work experience and not that I'm incompetent or what but working here scared the hell out of me. If I were given the choice, I would have stayed there and work at least for a year to gain experience and confidence, but I had to go back coz' my re-entry permit was about to expire. The work environment here is very different compared to the philippines and it's difficult to apply to a good hospital without experience not unless you know somebody from the inside who could pull some strings for you. Here you are greatly penalized if you commit a mistake, not like back there where you could easilly be forgiven for any errors you might commit. I would suggest that you get some experience at least for a year anyway, you're still young.
    All of my friends from the philippines who are now licensed nurses here in the US also worked back there for at least a year. A little sacrifice wouldn't hurt, plus it would really help you gain valuable experience that you'll definitely be able to use here. Instead of waiting for your license and doing nothing do something else first if possible.