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hello!:wavey: Can anyone tell me how long does it take to process an application in Makati Medical Center? Because Im planning to submit my resume this month of november... And are there any... Read More

  1. by   trezce
    waiting for the long que of hospital offering such "training" is frustrating.
    one of the founder of Ang Nars talked to us regarding paid training and she strongly condemned this act. She urged the nurses to stop applying on these programs to make the hospital realize the need for nurses. She added that if we continue to encourage shuch activity, the hopsital will rely on free nursing service plus they are the one getting paid. We asked her how are jobless nurses gonna face their daily financila needs, shich she answered by making yourselves like doctors who have their own clinic. I smirked at this idea. I mean, it is somewhat un-realizable. Let me give you the scenario: Outside your house you will post 'the nurse is IN', then patients will come in and you will be asking professional fee for your services like vaccinations, BP monitoring, etc.
    I asked myself, is this for real or what? Well you decide.
  2. by   spishy
    that scenario may be acceptable for experienced nurses... but in the case of newbies like us, i don't think so... i mean, how could you possibly put up a clinic without hospital experience? what we learned from college isn't enough!
  3. by   lenjoy03
    honeslty speaking, I don't approve of this kind of training but then again,if your sure that the hospital will absorb you and have the means to pay the facility, why not?

    Hospitals are not the lossers here. They discourage trainings so that the hospitals will realize the need for nurses? Come on! there are over supply of nurses already!The founder of NARS should think about this. People wouldn't just stay at home and wait for the hospitals to realize they need nurses! That is really funny!
  4. by   optimistic,RN
    True indeed lenjoy...The President of Nars Program should think many times on how to help us regarding with the oversupply of nurses in our country.. Every year the roster of Filipino nurses is incredibly increasing but the hiring is limited only for those who have connections inside the hospital. The only option that we have is to grab the trainings that they are offering without guarantee if they will going to absorb us or not. ..
  5. by   kaiser11
    hi guys!! um, honestly the over supply of nurses is really a major problem! hays..

    im currently working as a private duty nurse in MMC..there are also reqrments thats needed, especially years of bed side experience, but from what ive heard they are accepting applicants now even with no hosptal training. Ive known beacuse some of our new pdn's, while actually waiting for their application in mmc, other hospitals or giong abroad are having duties in mmc wherein they are sometimes exposed to different areas.

    it may go both ways, first because you will be exposed and will have first hand expereince to "one is to one" patient like in the icu and a good salary, but on the on the otherhand much is expected from u because there is a culture in mmc that if a patient has a mmc-pdn, around 80% of nursing care, exept paper works and iv drugs are done by special nurses. It should also be only short term for new nurses beacuse hospital experence is still better..

    Training in mmc is really good and one of the best, though i did not came from rtrms, you will really learn and hone your skills. One thing though, if you know someone working in mmc, ask why many nurses after completing the two year bond opt to transfer to st. lukes, even the previous chief nurse and many head/charge nurses...

    hope this will help our new nurses po...God Speed!!!
  6. by   princekasper
    i love to work at MMC but i think my credentials wont allow me...

    i earned a line of 7 rating in the recently conluded board exam... so depressing... i am also a graduate of unpopular university in baguio... (University of baguio)...

    i dont know what to do...

    can i still meet their requirements?

    can u give me also idea about the staffing in st. lukes?

    thanks ^_^
  7. by   lenjoy03
    just try! I have a line of 7 rating, though I'm an MMC graduate which is one of my edge. There are also other applicants who were direct hired even if they are not RTR graduate.

    THe problem today is, we had a CETN Program, those who were trained 2-3 months ago can't be absorb even if they are RTR graduate. They have this new proposed rule that they will only hire if there are nurses who resigned for replacement! I was very shocked to hear this because my cousin, an RTR graduate also had their interview last september. Then this new rule came out 2nd week of october. Not to mention I had classmates who also undergone the CETN program and expecting to be absorb. There shortage of nurses in MMC I tell you!
  8. by   lana_08
    hi lenjoy! do you know when makati med will start accepting applicants again for their CETN program? when would the next batch start their training? looking forward for your reply.. thanks!
  9. by   lenjoy03
    No, they are on freeze hiring. The CETN who were trained 3-4 months ago were not even deployed yet. Just send your credentials even if it's a freeze hiring or if you want, you can just call them to verify.

    But despite this so call freeze hiring, we currently have CETN trainee on our unit on his 3rd month now.
  10. by   medic8
    Quote from hamish
    hello! i just called prof and training dept of mmc last friday and got informed that they are on freeze hiring. I also asked if when thay will start to accept applicants, he told me to followup by early next year.

    so sad... all hospitals are on freeze hiring these days.

    any news? ??
  11. by   lenjoy03
    actually there are batch from previous CETN who were deployed just this month.

    Not sure regarding their hiring next year. There are RTR (Makati Med) grad who were interviewed since last August we'll be expecting their deployment early next year. Then the CETN batch after the latest deployed RN hopefully will also be deployed early next year. I really hate to bring bad news... But there are more nurses ahead of you.. not to mention they prioritize their graduates including those who undergone the CETN program.

    If I were you, even if they're saying that there's a freeze hiring, just send your resume' to the training office.
  12. by   medic8
    i already passed my application last sept. i managed to slip it through even though some said the HR dpet wasn't accepting applications anymore. my batchmate there passed my papers. unfortunately, i lost my phone with both my sim cards. i didn't followed up anymore. i'm wondering, do they notify applicants through email if in case they weren't able to contact them through their phones?
  13. by   optimistic,RN
    I don't think so. Our contact number is a priority means of contacting a person. Nobody knows they will going to send you an e-mail. :spin::spin::spin: