Lung Center of the Philippines: Basic Skills Training - page 8

They are currently screening for Basic Skills Training in LCP. Has anyone tried this? Would you guys recommend this? This is a 3-month training: 1 month lecture and 2 months practicum. It costs 6,000... Read More

  1. by   shuhuko23
    hi guys im new here, just wanna ask if they are now accepting for batch September 2010 trainee? and if not, when is the sched of the opening...thanks in advanced.
  2. by   shuhuko23
    can i submit my data now for the next batch? thnks in advance...
  3. by   Nurse choi
    i hope someone will answer to our queries. i'll try to check about the BST sept. batch asap.
  4. by   johnarigo_31
    Yes, as early as June 2010, they are already accepting applicants for the September Batch. The last time I checked, this batch will start on Sept 12 to December ( no exact date ) 2010. There will be a one month didactic lecture and two month practicum. Applicants should pay 6500 for three months of training with them.
  5. by   shuhuko23
    i want to enroll but i have my nclex review every weekend,,,...huhu,, the training everyday? thanks,,...
  6. by   johnarigo_31
    Yes, in your first month, there will be a didactic lecture everyday, Mondays to Fridays only.

    Unfortunately, I have just called them up earlier and the application for the batch of this year is already CLOSED.

    Let's just wait for the schedule for Year 2011.

  7. by   newmeeh23
    how come its closed already?i just called them earlier to and they told me its ongoing.
  8. by   markjohn
    can anyone confirm this ..

    a. basic skills trainees of lung center of the philippines were abused there by the nursing staff .... some said they were scolded or yelled infront of the students and patients ....

    b. was the training worth it for 6.5k ???

    c. do the trainees give meds, insert iv and etc in the practicum?

    thank you
  9. by   spongebob6286
    u paid them to train you not to scold you. if they want to scold you then do it some other place other than the pt's room or where no one can hear you. you will feel degraded when its infront of others.
  10. by   markjohn
    well i dont know if that was true .... im thinking twice now to train there because of what i heard and read
  11. by   sirSwashbuckler
    I forgot to include the IVT license. if you don't have one yet, you can apply for IVT training at LCP.
    hmm do you know much it cost for their IVT training?
  12. by   narsibiang
    Php2000 to the LCP cashier, then Php500 for the ANSAP IVT manual, & Php500 for the completion of IVT cases in LCP. There's another fee for the processing of IVT card after the completion of 3-3-2 cases.
  13. by   narsibiang only have to pay Php150, not Php 500 for the ANSAP IVT manual