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  1. Nurse choi

    DOH launches RN HEALS

    hi peeps! it was a year ago that I post this topic and I hoped many aspirants became a volunteer at rn heals! due to some technical errors of my life at that time, I did not make it to be a volunteer but now Im here in dubai but not as a nurse, but as a lifeguard. being here will probably the best way to get a nursing job in the future. Good luck to all of us!
  2. Nurse choi

    DOH launches RN HEALS

    guys, what's the link? I cant get through in the dole site.
  3. Nurse choi

    DOH launches RN HEALS

    application online will start from january 17. - feb 4.
  4. Nurse choi

    DOH launches RN HEALS

    I was not able to join the NARS program before and this new program will open a lot of oppurtunities not for all but this gonna be the least that our government can do! hoping to get a slot.
  5. Nurse choi

    DOH launches RN HEALS

    I saw this after surfing the net. Press release 01/12/2011 The Department of Health (DoH) today announced that applications can be filed starting next week, January 17, for its project where unemployed nurses will be deployed to poor communities in the country. "the project, billed RN heals, seeks to make essential health services available to all Filipinos by training and deploying 10,000 unemployed nurses in communities to be identified by the DoH in collaboration with the department of social welfare & development (DSWD)," Health secretary Enrique Ona said. Rn Heals, an acronym for registered nurses for health enhancement and local service, is expected to address the shortage of skilled and experienced nurses in 1,221 rural and unserved or underserved communities for one year. "eventually, these nurses will be part of the pool of competent nurses for later employment or absorption in health facilities, thus addressing the inadequate supply of skilled nurses and increasing the nurses' employment rate," the health chief concluded. http://www.doh.gov.ph/node/2904.html
  6. Nurse choi

    Quezon City General Hospital

    when will be the next hiring for volunteers? thanks
  7. Nurse choi

    Best Careers 2011: Registered Nurse

    better be a clinical instructor than waiting for year/s to be a staff nurse.
  8. Nurse choi

    Filipino employees sue due to English-only targeting

    such a biased hospital. they should prioritize more on medical services rather than issuing not-so- important rule. if americans dont want to have Filipino nurses, then go to your government and file a petition on banning us. in that way, its fair. to americans and us. there are still more countries that needs Filipino nurses.
  9. Nurse choi

    Employment process @ St. Luke's Medical Center (e.rod)

    that's the pinoy way. its not about what you really know but its who you know. sad tsk tsk.
  10. Nurse choi

    Military nursing

    thanks for the info @optimistic,RN kudos for you!! please pm me or post here what type of exam that you've taken. and also the coverage of entrance exam. TIA!
  11. Nurse choi

    New thread that will lead us to New job and trainings

    do the qcgh nso will accept volunteer? this january 2011
  12. Nurse choi

    Saudi- MOH

    congrats and GODBLESS
  13. Nurse choi

    TATTOO is it ok?

    i want to have a tattoo but im afraid not to get hired.
  14. Nurse choi

    Unemployed RNs

    try mlm business while waiting for an employment.
  15. Nurse choi

    Quirino Memorial Medial Center Application

    i just went there t0day. and they accepted my docs. next month, ill have my exam in their nsg office. pls. advise me what to review or is there any update t0 their questi0nnaire
  16. Nurse choi

    Quirino Memorial Medial Center Application

    may I know if they are still accepting volunteers in QMMC?

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