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hello... i am a Filipino nurse, i got my license here in Phils. last december 2004. Then, i took the CGFNS last july '05, i passed (thanks GOD!). Now, i'm planning to take the IELTS exam this october... Read More

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    Quote from nurseako
    hi!.. that's what i was planning before when i just got my local license here in Phils, to take the NCLEX ryt awa... but, ma'am based on the suggestions of my frends, it would be wiser to take the CGFNS frst rather than taking the NCLEX. firstly, to take the NCLEX costs a lot of PESO (we need to have at least P80,000, weew thats a lot of money...) or
    $1,200 will be a big risk to take it right away, while the CG exam fee is $300, its expensive though, but it's more cheaper than risking your $1200... secondly, the CGFNS exam are more or less the same with the NCLEX, because it was patterned basing on the standards of nursing practice in, by the time you'll take the NCLEX you have the idea of how the exams are made. finally, NCLEx needs a big preparation considering the expenses. The cgfns mam is not the same as our local board, it needs a lot of reading and analysis ( i mean, computations.)... so, i strongly suggest to take the CG first this march.... then u can start to apply for the nclex while waiting for the cgfns exam..
    I do not agree at all with what you have posted. The CGFNS exam is nothing at all like the NCLEX exam, preparation for the CGFNS exam is completely different than for the NCLEX exam. The CGFNS exam is only going to hold you up in my opinion. I do not recommend foing that route at all. You actually have a much higher chance of passing the NCLEX exam first time, that you do with CGFNS.
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    Quote from RA4LIFE
    hi suzanne,with regards to the answer you gave to this post want to ask afew quetions.
    i passed the cgfns and toefl +twe, now waiting for my certificate. can i find an employer to start my visa application for me?
    i will be writing my TSE Gods willing next mth. have put in the application for visa screening cert and in my cgfns acc, i have waiting for passing english scores for the vsc.
    should i wait till i get vsc before finding an employer or i can do so now?
    If you are already in the US, yes, you can go ahead and find an employer.
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    sorry for being a bother,yes am in the us with h4 visa.
    pls how do i find an employer or what is the procedure. thanx

    Quote from suzanne4
    If you are already in the US, yes, you can go ahead and find an employer.
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    hi suzane4, if i took the NCLEX for New York in Hongkong, how long would it take for me to know the result? a month after the exam? thanks!
  5. by   suzanne4
    About one or two days, your name would be listed as having a license on the website for the Board of Nursing for NY. That is another reason that NY is my favorite place.
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    when can a NY NCLEX passer have the hard license though? how long after passing the NY NCLEX? thanks in advance
  7. by   suzanne4
    As soon as it takes for the mail to get it there. As longas you have a verifiable license number assigned on the internet, then there are not any issues. You just need to have a license number that can be verified.
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    What a hard license actually means is that you get a license number that can be endorsed. With other states that require a SSN# before issuance, then all you would get is a letter stating that you meet the requirements, excpet for the SSN#. But actually, the license has not been issued yet.
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    ah ok....thanks suzanne4 :wink2:
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    Quote from nina9404
    Hi Suzanne! Can you expound on what you said:

    Your biggest problem is going to be with the visa, a delay in processing is close on the horizon for nurses from several different countires including the Philippines............a few years or so.......

    Is this the one being talked about this coming October?
    Hi Nina,

    Suzanne is right. You should focus more on finding an employer if you have a CGFNS Certificate or passed the NCLEX and English Language Proficiency Exams. Since RETROGRESSION BECAME WORLWIDE ESPECIALLY FOR EB3 (means you have a four year degree Bachelor's course) WHERE MOST SCHEDULE A appplicants belong THE 50,000 VISAS THAT WAS ALLOTED FOR THEM CALLED THE EX CATEGORY WOULD NOT LAST LONG!

    Before there are only three countries that were competing for the 50K schedule A visas. It is only China, India and Phil...but now since retrogression of EB3 became worldwide...ALL COUNTRIES AND APPLICANTS WHOSE JOB CLASSIFICATION ARE CLASSIFIED AS SCHEDULE A BY THE DEPARTMENT OF LABOR will compete for the 50k visas.

    I will cut and paste the article i wrote at Murthy.Com forums ( I am in no way associated with Murthy.Com or its associates and in no way advertising their website. Just a forum like this one where i write my views and opinions)

    Here it is and can be found at this link:

    To Clarify Schedule A and EB3!!!

    Let me clarify everything first. What you are hearing is NOT EXAGERRATION! This is true retrogression could be widespread NO MATTER IF YOUR ARE SCHEDULE A.


    Schedule A is a category that is ONLY based on shortage occupation classified by the Department of Labor. Schedule A IS NOT AN EMPLOYMENT BASED VISA CATEGORY. So you could be Schedule A but belonging to EB3 if you have 4 years Bachelors Degree, EB2 Schedule A if you have Advance Degree, or EB1 Schedule A if you have exceptional ablility.

    The only advantage of Schedule A is that you are exempted from the lenghty time consuming LABOR CERTIFICATION PROCESS!

    Last May 11, 2005 THE IRAQI APPROPRIATIONS BILL was signed into law that recaptures and allocates 50,000 visas for Schedule A. The only problem is that HOW WOULD THE DEPARTMENT OF STATE VISA OFFICE SEPARATE THE SCHEDULE A FROM THE REST TO PUT THIS VISAS INTO USE...

    They created another category which is the EX... The EX Category is only for the Department of State to USE so they would know and COUNT how many visas are being USED AND CONSUMED...(IT IS NOT USED BY THE USCIS). It is only a temporary category good for 50,000 visas. (Well unless new laws are formulated)

    NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT FOR NOW...BUT IF THE 50,000 VISAS WERE EXHAUSTED SCHEDULE A would eat the normal visa pool from EB3 that was like before...BACKING DATES AS MUCH AS 4 years to 7 years...

    RETROGRESSION WAS NEVER LIFTED. The U.S. Congress only temporarily patched the problem because of pressure from the healthcare sector that U.S. needs foreign healthcare workers.

    Most of the Scheule A right now are STILL under EB3. Simply because they have graduated on a four year course. Check your I-140 approval. So this does not mean that you are separated from EB3.
    Employment Based Visas are classified by the level of your education or abilities AND NOT BY OCCUPATION!

    Since RETROGERSSION AFFECTED ALL CATEGORIES OF EMPLOYMENT BASED VISAS...It will be just a matter of time that the 50,000 visas ran out...


    Ask the lawyers if you think I am wrong! Comments are welcome but please provide facts/laws.

    still DALE
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    errrr......why is it that everytime i read Himdales' posts, i feel pessimistic....while reading Suzannes's posts make me optimistic??? hehehe! i guess its just me =)
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    Quote from babytaz
    Tnx for the post! but I think you misinterpreted what I had mentioned a while ago. I have not taken my cg yet but I am making ways to get it by march of next year which is the next exam date. However, I am making troubles which documents to pass . The school sent a separate documents and my friends are telling me things differently regarding which docs should I send to cg main office. I am also looking for review centers for ielts, although i am a second courser (AB Communication Arts) I am kinda anxious on what to expect pa kasi. Is it alright to spend my days working as a teacher while awaiting for my exams? or should I give in being a clinician? Are there employers who can sponsor nurses who were not able to practice their profession? have you taken your ielts?
    Hi Yes CGFNS is a must and i think you should concentrate first in reviewing CGFNS before taking IELTS if you want. You have to follow up calling CGFNS what document you missed or by logging in your account on line much better. Goodluck
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    CGFNS exam is not a must...............quite the opposite actually.