CGFNS/ICHP's Official decision on Visa Screening for June 2006 NLE passers - page 6

CGFNS Denies VisaScreen® Certificates for Philippine Nurses Who Passed the Compromised June 2006 Philippine Licensure Examination PHILADELPHIA, PA — FEBRUARY 14, 2007 — After careful... Read More

  1. by   suzanne4
    Have been hearing and seeing quesitons that were published in the news about that exam, such as what you do when you see a naked man running down the street.....and the answer that they wanted: to pray for him.

    This is why I have said all along and for sometime, do not even take that exam to work if you are going to work in the US, but if you did, and with that one, there is no choice but to retake.
  2. by   nxt777
    for the june 2006 passers - no more time to blame... no more hope to appeal... do your stuff... retake and move on... goodluck to you guys!
  3. by   cherrycoke
    I hope they just retake tests 3 and 5..
  4. by   cherrycoke
    Good luck. Guess it's just the world's way of humbling (this is positive!) the june 2006 passers (esp. protesters). Majority of you cannot call pro-retakes "sourgrapes" now. They were right.
  5. by   suzanne4
    Quote from cherrycoke
    Good luck. Guess it's just the world's way of humbling (this is positive!) the june 2006 passers (esp. protesters). Majority of you cannot call pro-retakes "sourgrapes" now. They were right.
    Thank you for that.
  6. by   lawrence01
    No useful purpose would be served by Dr. Rosero's traveling to Philadelphia

    PHILADELPHIA, PA, USA, 8 PM EST February 23, 2007; 9 AM Manila Time, February 24, 2007-Philippine Regulation Commission Chair Dr. Leonor Rosero and the Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS International) CEO Barbara Nichols spoke with each other by telephone Saturday morning, February 24 Manila time. Dr. Nichols requested the telephone conversation so that she might provide Dr. Rosero with additional information regarding CGFNS's recent decision to deny VisaScreen® certification to nurses licensed following the June 2006 licensure examination. A VisaScreen Certificate is required before any healthcare worker educated outside the U.S. can be issued an occupational visa to work in the United States.

    We can read the whole article on this link:
  7. by   suzanne4
    As I said the other day. CGFNS is under contract to the US government and they do not have the capabilities to just be able to change the rules to suit those of another country. US immigration is there to protect those in the US and that wish to work and live in the US. Safety is #1. And with those that have been posting about willing to lie to the US government about the NLE, what were they thinking?
  8. by   kathykaye
    Quote from cherrycoke
    I hope they just retake tests 3 and 5..
    much better if they retake the whole exam...

    goodluck to june 2006 batch.. dont think of who to blame..just retake the exam and move on.. there is a reason for everything.. god bless...
  9. by   pink_20
    To all june06 batch, goodluck to all of us. I guess this is really it, we really need to retake,if thats the only way to solve the problem and be able to move on. Goodluck to us again!
  10. by   pinoy_guy

    prc bent on appealing cgfns decision on nurses' work visas

    the professional regulatory commission will still appeal for a reconsideration of the decision of the us commission on graduates of foreign nursing schools to deny working visas to filipino nurses who took the tainted june 2006 licensure exams unless they retake portions of the test.

    prc chairperson leonor tripon-rosero will head a team of government officials and private-sector representatives that will leave for the united states on monday to "explain" the situation to the cgfns, even though the commission has stated that its decision is final.

    labor secretary arturo brion disclosed that cgfns head barbara nichols spoke by telephone on saturday with rosero and confirmed that the panel's decision on the retake was final.

    "[color="sienna"]we will try to make an appeal; we'll give them additional information in case they reconsider their decision," rosero said.
    makes you wonder what "additional information" rosero has that can possibly sway the cgfns...

    brion earlier called "the appeal delegation" unnecessary and unauthorized, highlighting the two officials' opposing stands on the leakage controversy.

    dole insiders said rosero insisted on the appeal "because she obviously only wanted to protect the credibility of the prc and uphold the country's nursing licensure exams."

    but rosero said her mission was prompted by the request of nursing graduates who would be made to retake the exams.

    "of course as much as possible they don't want a retake because they have to prepare and review all over again," she said.
    curiouser and curiouser...

    considering that the retake is voluntary for those who want to work in the us...why is rosero still insisting on this course of action?

    even after cgfns head barbara nichols told her on the telephone that the cgfns decision is final?

    i wish there were more public accountability for the actions of "public servants".
  11. by   nxt777
    let the philippine officials do whatever appeal they want and lets see what will happen.......................................

    for the june 2006 passers who wants to work in the us - its your decision to retake or wait for the result of the "appeal" by our officials..............
  12. by   kathykaye
    Labor dept says CGFNS will disregard appeal of nurses

    02/25/2007 | 11:23 AM
  13. by   rus-t
    Retaking is an individual choice of a JUNE examinee, if someone choose not to retake nobody can force him/her because maybe they have their own reasons or plans, If your not one of us (June passers) you shouldnt be affected and there are no reason you should be, I am already preparing for this june retake because i know i can pass the NLE again and again. If mrs. Rosero wants to appeal its her decision not us passers, can someone here do something to stop her?... if none just wait and be quiet we already had more than enough of this mess. Everyone here has his own life then live yours. God bless!