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03/05/07 ANA Urges New Tests for Philippine Nurses Seeking to Practice in the U.S. The American Nurses Association (ANA) is urging the Philippine government to facilitate a retake of the nurse... Read More

  1. by   malmd06
    i agree, we really feel bad about the whole thing. as much as we cannot stop other people to judge us or tell their opinion, it hurts that we batch june2006 looks like a bunch of cheaters, and instead of just being victims. lucky for you guys your'e all there and earning, but we are still here battling our way. that exam is not enough to measure our competence, not enough to measure our dignity, not enough to be laughed at and say that we are cowards for not retaking the "tainted" exams. i passed the nclex exam and passed at 75. does that mean i am competent enough to be a nurse in the states but incompetent in the philippines because we refuse to retake initally? before, they would issue visa screen even if we did not take the locals, we dont know why they are making a very big fuss on our local license just now, even if california doesnt need it in the first place. yes, there are lots of politics in this retake issue not just here in the philippines but also in the US. we are retaking not to prove that it will sweep the doubts of those who measures our capacity. but we are doing it for our family who are clinging in our arms to give them a good future. after all these, it becomes a history, no one will remember if you topped the exam, rather, how many people you were able to help during your nursing career...
  2. by   lawrence01
    To be fair, I think no one here has ever said nor even implied that the June batch are cheaters and no one here is crucifying any nurse from that batch.

    People here may have discussed about the short-comings of certain Phil. organizations, why a re-take would be better (partial or whole) and so on and so forth but I assure you, you won't read anything here that someone has ever said anything about June 2006 nurses as being cheaters as it is understood both in the Philippines and in abroad that only a few did and no one can ever pin-point who did.

    You may read that on other websites, blogs or chat rooms but never here, I assure you that. We don't permit such thing here
  3. by   nurse0408198
    Quote from brita_mylove
    You know what, I feel our June 2006 batch are cursed. It was a nightmare and still is. I don't know how many times must we be crucified for everyone's satisfaction. Only a handful was guilty of the sin and yet all of us must sacrificed. It feels like being fed in the lion's den. We are already resigned to the fact that we must take the test 3 and 5 again just to fulfill our dreams of working in the US just so we could help our family from the gutter of poverty. And yet, you keep on rubbing salt to our injury. None of us uttered any story of our sufferings. Did you know that there is this one examinee who lost her child coz she was pregnant that time due to stress after the breakout of this nightmare. She couldn't sleep after that, looking for a way out of this mess who would accept our batch in the internet. Not prejudging us, crucifying us. I guess, she found none but she was braved enough to keep going because she still has another child to think about. We all want to move on. Lucky are you, you did not suffer like we had. Lucky are you, that you could sleep soundly and get up again and have a good paying job while 17,000 are still struggling from this nightmare. We are already confused as it is, but we have the guts to move on without you people ranting about our misfortunes. We are not looking for pity nor are we soliciting empathy with anyone. Thank you if you do empathized with us if not, we appreciate a nonjudgmental comment. You do not know us, It was not our fault that this chaos skyrocketted. We were passionate at that time not to retake for the wound was fresh and our pride was hurt. But we humbled ourselves for the sake of our family and took the bitter pill with humour so let it die at that. Give us back our dignity and try not to trumple on it too much for you do not know the whole story. Remember? there are always two sides on the story. Thank you.

    thank you. i totally agree.
  4. by   RNHawaii34
    Quote from bluiis923
    Just a thought from an American nurse who has kept up with the issues that you are dealing with...

    1. It is truly a horrrible situation that the honest ones amoung you are dealing with.

    2. Just go ahead and do it... take the whole thing over and be assured of employment in the US to help you and your families.

    3. Know that we do NOT think that you (batch 06) are all a bunch of cheaters.

    4. Also know that we appreciate our Phil. nurses here. We do NOT (as a previous poster implyed) resent you or think that you decrease our wages. We are grateful for any help we can get

    Pull up that spirit that got you through the whole process the first time and do it again. Good luck and may God bless all of you in your decision.
    I totally agree....I'm getting sick and tired of doing overtime...we need extra help really, really bad !!
  5. by   eivan
    Quote from jennypanic
    A friend wants to ask. For example, I am a June 2006 passer. Then I retake tests 3 and 5 but fail, what will happen to me?
    If you fail you are in deep shi+, if you wish to get the VS, you would need to waive your license for a second try (however, it is full retake).

    Best to take the bitter pill quick!
  6. by   pagcoritannurse06
    ANA recommendation grossly unfair!
  7. by   kathykaye
    well, it is fair... better take the bitter pill if you really want to go to US... you have a choice...
  8. by   bloodytom
    there's nothing unfair with that decision, i think. it's just their standard. if you think it's unfair you have all the right not to apply for a job in the US. but if you want to live and work in their territory, you have to abide by their rules.
  9. by   RNHawaii34
    Quote from pagcoritannurse06
    ana recommendation grossly unfair!
    and who said life is fair? we live in a world where there are rules and we all need to comply. if there are no rules, then everything will be chaotic...if you don't want to comply with that rule, then stay in the philippines, or work someplace else...maybe when you actually get in the us, then you will understand why ana will ask you to do a retake..and you think retake is hard? that is nothing compare to other things that you will encounter later still need to pass your nclexrn, get your visa screen, ielts, employers, blah blah..and then you have to work and deal with blunt, "don't mess with me" americans. and if you think everything will be fine then, you are wrong. so stop complaining, be positive, and keep studying. you can surpass all of these things that's currently going on. don't let ana, cgfns, or anybody hold you down, nor make you upset. there is always a stumbling blocks to everything, you just have to be strong. you studied for 4 years, and it's just the beginning of your wonderful me everything will be alright, hang on a little bit more.
  10. by   suzanne4
    Forget about what ANA has stated, focus on what employers wish to see if you really want to work in the US. We have been stating here since last August to retake the entire exam. Employers want the entire exam rewritten and they are the ones that will be paying your salary.

    Work in the US and you need to meet the requirements of the employers, or you will not be able to get a job there, and that is the bottom line.
  11. by   Starbee
    Alright, I have faith in my fellow June 2006 Board Passers (those who didn't cheat) that we will all pass this retake. The Top Ten of the June 2007 NLE will come from us. Mark my words.
  12. by   pinkpixie
    hi! i'm a june 2006 passer. i am also done with my ielts. i took it last december. a week ago, i waived my license so i will retake the whole exam this june 2007. it was a big decision and it took a lot of courage. but god is really great, the day after i waived my local license, i got my california nclex-rn results. i passed! right now, i don't resent what happened to our batch anymore. it's time to move forward and to prove to people that we are not cheaters. goodluck fellow june 2006 passers! we made it once, we can make it again! god bless us all!!!

    "all those who know your mercy, lord, will count on you for help. for you have never yet forsaken those who trust in you" --psalm 9:10
  13. by   aNgeL_gaL
    Hello...Im one of the June 2006 passer too..Just want to ask if I apply for a whole retake, that means Ill get my attorney to notarized my waiver? What did you do guys? thanks..