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Could somebody give me current info regarding the current demand of nurses in Canada and the usual requirements for foreigners before they are employed in a hospital. Do you happen to know how many... Read More

  1. by   RNGrad2006
    Quote from Alexk49
    Could you site your source of the nursing shortage? In fact the US has been in the state of retrogression and immigration has trickled to near zero.

    You are partially correct about the NCLEX, if you have trained in a standard US program, you will have no issues. But if you are foreign trained or attend Exclesior transferring is not as easy, even with the compact agreement.
    It does vary state to state and in certain states the shortage is real. I seems evident to me with the way they will hire almost anyone on our floor who has a license that a shortage exists in Arizona. The fact that retrogression exists does not mean there is NOT a shortage of jobs for nurses but it is definitely not a priority for the legislators to deal with the retrogression issue due to many factors (ie) upcoming election, illegal immigrants etc... Every time a bill comes up to give more visas for nurses it comes down to the fact that the illegal immigrants want amnesty. The government does not want that and therefore no bill has been passed for nurses either. They don't want to give preferential treatment to any one group even if they are needed.
  2. by   arieskee
    is it true that philippine nurses are undervalued in Canada? they are not working as nurses instead as caregivers or nannies? is it possible to apply for work in Canada as registered Nurses?
  3. by   Silverdragon102
    It is possible to work as RN in Canada and many nurses are moving here to work, check out the International forum where there are a few threads ongoing. You need to meet province's requirements, pass English/French exam depending on where you are going and may have to do a bridging program depending on your transcripts and province. You really need to take the time and read this and International forum and read this thread
  4. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    There probably are many nurses from the Philippines who are working at something other than nursing. They would be people who weren't able to follow the application process from beginning to end, or those who thought they could come to Canada first and then start the application, only to find out that they couldn't provide the necessary documentation. When one has to eat one does what one must while the rest of the details are sorted out. There are professionals in many categories who are working at jobs that are not commensurate with their education and skills: lawyers who drive taxis, doctors who clean offices at night, accountants selling burgers at Micky D's, and many more. Residencies or other internship-like programs have a limited number of spots for graduates of foreign schools and if they don't get one of those spots, they still have bills to pay. Pride and a willingness to work hard carry them through.
  5. by   alphonsus
    Janfrn....well said! I do fall in one those jobs you mentioned. Thank you for the encouragement. Makes those rainy days seem a lot brighter.
  6. by   fmog
    hi felisa
    your responses made me not comment a bit about those who have something to say to filipino nurses. Felt like you said it all. I still take pride to be a filipino nurse. Anyway, i can't send you a pm yet. BUt i wanted to ask you a few questions, if you don't mind. Where did you work here in the Philippines? I'm completing my requirements for registration in BC. But i'm quite concerned about finding an employer. I'd like to know the possibilities of finding an employer for someone like me who's only experience is an a clinic for approx a year. I have always considered working in a nursing home/long term care facilities though.If not in a clinic. But then everytime i look at the adds they wanted someone who is experienced or is currently practicing registered nurse. My mom is in ONtario, so she can't really help looking for an employer in BC. My ielts has lapsed it's 2 years validity so i have to take the exam again maybe after i give birth on December as im on my most uncomfortable stage of pregnancy.

    Is your husband also working?