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  1. felisa

    Demand for Nurses in Canada

    before i left for canada, i made a list of potential employers. and since i have visited canada before, i more or less had an idea of where i wanted to stay. the very next day after we landed, i sent my application and got replies (both positive and negative) about a week later. yes, i have found a position. i am working on temporary registration for a nursing home under fraser health, and i hope to take the crne this coming october. back home, one would be lucky to land a nursing job. and doubly lucky if it were in a tertiary hospital. some government hospitals are the worst - no supplies, low budget, not necessarily an ideal place to be at when one is sick. but (in little ways) you get to help those who are poor, despondent, and no where else to go. here, it's a different kind of nursing. more responsibilities to keep you on your toes the whole day/night. some say the pay is not enough, but it's better than what nurses earn back home. yes, i'm glad the kids are with me. we once considered that either my husband or i come to canada ahead and let the rest of the family follow, but later on decided to come together. one for all, all for one. summer is almost over and school will be starting in a few days. they are looking forward to meeting new friends in their new school. back home, a family earning average would spend about half the family income on food, sometimes more. after paying the usual bills, rent, tuition, gas, etc. there is usually little or nothing left for savings. so there is a common adage that goes "bawal magkasakit" (or "getting sick is not allowed"), because it might mean borrowing money or selling property to pay for healthcare...here in canada, food is very affordable, and that's saying a lot coming from a family with two teenagers who eat like lions. we pay rent which already includes utilities and cable, a few phone bills, internet, transportation, etc. at the end of the month we still have enough to indulge in a few wants, watch a couple of movies, and add to our savings. are we living comfortably? yes.
  2. felisa

    Demand for Nurses in Canada

    I totally agree with lenjoy when she says it is a matter of choice. A few years back, while I was visiting the US, I met an employer at a party who was willing to hire me and bring my family over. I seriously considered his offer until I visited Canada. I then decided that Canada was the place to be and declined the job offer. Until now, relatives from the US wouldn’t stop bugging me to go there. They even offered to pay for NCLEX even if I had no plans of working there, in the hopes that passing would make me change my mind. And I did pass. But I’m in Canada and plan on staying here for good. My family is here now. I’d like my kids to have a future here. As a Filipino I feel what the nurses there are going through. It’s tough and some may not make the right or ethical or moral decisions. But I wouldn’t want a working environment where I feel that I am being scrutinized in every move I make just because of what a few nurses are doing.
  3. felisa

    Demand for Nurses in Canada

    So you didn’t work in the UK. But you must have weighed and considered several things before you decided to leave your country and find better opportunities in another. Just because one is poor and want better income does not mean that he is incapable of caring or making a better community. We do know about what employers value. And we know about commitment. In our country we are also given awards for length of employment. That is precisely why you should not generalize when you hear a few nurses who talk about making stepping stones out of countries. I am only saying that these nurses are just trying to find a better future and I don’t think they mean any harm to one country when they leave and find better opportunities eslewhere. If they are more vocal than other nationalities, it doesn’t mean that others are not doing it as well.
  4. felisa

    Demand for Nurses in Canada

    Cocoy2go and Fiona, you say you have worked in the UK before. But for some reason you decided to leave and come to Canada. Was this because Canada was better than the UK for you? Aren’t we all looking for some place where we feel that we are secure - be it Canada or the US or some other country? It happens to any nationality, not just to Filipinos. If you read some more of the threads here, you’ll find that there are also home grown Canadian nurses who are leaving the country to work in the US. Please do not single out Filipinos just because a lot of them are asking questions in the forum. They are only trying to weigh out their options and find their own secure place. So there are a lot of nurses from the Philippines. Maybe it IS because of $$$. Although the country is rich in natural resources and a popular tourist destination, it can not be denied that it is still a third world country and life is difficult for some Filipinos. But the fact remains that the US, Canada, UK, Australia, NZ, Singapore, etc have a shortage of nurses which Filipinos are willing to fill up. Everyone has a right to decide what is best for him/herself. Some like Canada, some do not. Some like the US, others do not. And on it goes with the other countries. Like others nationalities, they may move from one country to another in search for greener pastures, but they do not intend to put down any country whenever they relocate. They fill up the shortages. Some move on if it doesn’t work for them but others choose to stay. Please do not generalize what you hear or learn about a few nurses. There are thousands and thousands of Filipino nurses being deployed to different countries. You only got to meet a few.
  5. Also, what if one works under a casual position. Do they still get the same benefits as someone who is regular? Thanks again.
  6. Hello. I am a little confused about working under the health authorities and I hope someone can shed some light. Are the nurses automatically part of the union? And do they all get the same benefits, ex. extended insurance, etc.? Thanks for your replies.
  7. felisa

    Pearson Vue registration - Name too long

    Thank you for your replies
  8. I am about to register with Pearson Vue. I am supposed to enter my legal name exactly as it appears on the official identification I will present at the test center. My problem is that my name is too long. I have three first names and am using my maiden mame as my middle name. It is more than the maximum number of characters allowed for the "name" field so that my name is cut short. Should I proceed with registration? Thanks for your suggestions.
  9. Can I ask for suggestions on where I can apply for first aid / BLS certification in Vancouver? Thank you.
  10. felisa

    planning to move to canada ... part II

  11. felisa

    Crne Prep Guide

    Try to contact lenjoy about the CRNE. She is negotiating with Elsevier about distribution of the book in the Philippines. But she needs to have a number of bookings for this to push through. try using the search option as she posted a thread on this.
  12. felisa

    PRC license

    in cebu, it took 5 months after registration for PRC to release the actual license card. you can however get certificate of board rating in a week's time. you can use the certificate as proof that you passed the board to comply with the requirements of your local employer. However, if you apply for registration to a US BON that requires license verification process, PRC will require you to present a photocopy of the actual license card and your TOR. this is how it's done in Cebu. In Manila, processing of license card is faster as their data is encoded first and the rest of the provinces follow after that.
  13. felisa

    finding work on interim permit (in Canada)

    thank you zuzi for your advise. i should hear from the college anytime soon as all my documents have already been submitted. i hope my credentials will satisfy them. If not, i will have to enroll in a nursing program in canada as i will be landing with eligibility or not. i understand the limitations of the temporary permit and i have a lot of preparing to do for the CRNE. i know it won't be easy but i look at a glass half full instead of half empty. lots and lots of hugs for you, love.
  14. felisa

    finding work on interim permit (in Canada)

    i will be moving to canada in a few weeks time as an immigrant and will be applying for SIN# soon after I land. i have ongoing application for registration with CRNBC and am hoping to work on interim permit while i wait to sit for the CRNE on October. I wanted to know how difficult/easy it is for a landed immigrant to find a nursing job in LTC/nursing home in Canada while on interim permit.
  15. felisa

    finding work on interim permit (in Canada)

    I'm sorry, I didn't realize i was in the wrong forum. I wanted to hear from Canadians how difficult/easy it is to find a nursing job in LTC/nursing home while on interim permit. That is, when one is done with licensure assessment, waiting to take the CRNE, passed the immigration process and physically in Canada with Social Security.
  16. How difficult is it to find a nursing job in LTC/nursing home while you are on interim permit? I read that the chances of finding jobs are better once you pass the crne but while you're waiting to sit the exam, how difficult/easy is it to land a job? Thanks for your replies.