Calgary Region Floods: Stay Safe!

  1. Just thinking of those people affected by the recent floodings in AB. The damage looks horrific!

    Hope everyone is safe!
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  3. by   Pepper The Cat
    I was just thinking the same thing! I haven't if any hospitals, etc have had to evacuate. I hope not. It looks very scary there.
  4. by   RN58186
    The High River hospital is evacuated, Canmore hospital is sheltering in place, Drumheller health centreis evacuated, a number of LTC facilities have been evacuated, the Sheldon Chumir Health Centre in downtown Calgary is closed as are a number of outpatient clinics. A number of the outpatient labs in Calgary are closed as well. All the hospitals here in Calgary are okay thankfully. I have been thinking about those pts in the evacuation zones who need dialysis and other life sustaining treatments. Scary.
  5. by   joanna73
    I have been following these stories on the news. The devastation is amazing. I feel for everyone who has lost their homes. Just terrible.

    Good thing I delayed my visit to Calgary.
  6. by   itsmejuli
    We evacuated our lodge seniors to higher ground around 0300 Friday. Its been very stressful for all of us, especially for those who are confused We're hoping to return to the lodge today.

    There will be extensive debriefing when it's all over.
  7. by   helterskelter22
    Just got through my first 24 hour shift.
  8. by   lilaclover6984
    It's been a rough few days for sure... I was evacuated from my downtown apartment on Thursday night and still haven't been able to get back. I was working a night shift that night so had just grabbed a backback of extra clothes to take with me because I heard I might be evacuated. Turns out it was true and I was at work when it happened so now Ive been living out of that little backpack for 4 days now. I rely on public transit ( live right by a train station) to get to work etc but there is no train access to downtown. And we all know hospitals don't close down in a flood.

    I was called to work on Saturday on one of the empty transition units that was recently shut down due to budget cuts. They were filling the unit with Pts evacuated from the high river hospital. Unfortunately I was unable to help since I had been already up for over 24 hrs having been evacuated myself...

    It's all very sad to see this happening in calgary and is very stressful to all.
  9. by   Zig_Zag_RN
    I have lost everything due to the floods, but at least my family and pets are safe. It is so devastating and hard to comprehend. Uncertain what our next step will sad.
  10. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    I'm SO sorry to hear that, Zig_Zag_RN. It's easy for those of us who are far removed from misfortune to offer platitudes so I will refrain. Just know that I feel awful that people have lost so much due to something so far beyond their control. I hope you find the strength you need to keep putting one foot in front of the other.
  11. by   Pepper The Cat
    Hugs Zig Zag!
  12. by   Silverdragon102
    Sorry to hear this Zig_Zag_RN
  13. by   Fiona59
    Had a couple of family members sent down there to work over the last week. They said the zoo was a disaster as was the Burnco plant.

    They said the people were lovely to them, providing them with snacks and drinks.

    There are a couple of places around town collecting new bedding and personal care items in addition to cash.

    I'm glad you and your pets are safe, zigzag.
  14. by   joanna73
    Really sorry to hear of your loss Zig Zag, but I'm glad to hear that you're safe.

    Hopefully the government will provide relief in addition to the amount they've indicated. I can't see how a prepaid debt card will be nearly enough.