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You know you've been a nurse too long when you can't enjoy a movie because of the half minute of CPR compressions only being given at about 50 per minute, with bent arms and there's a flat line on... Read More

  1. by   middleagednurse
    You go out to dinner with friends, and you are the only person who washed their hands, and you really want to give a lecture on handwashing.
  2. by   sevensonnets
    When you hear ATTENTION KMart shoppers and you start looking for the crash cart!
  3. by   Sydryth
    When you clock in and realize it's your day off!
  4. by   sevensonnets
    When you know at least 16 different descriptive terms for a BM.
  5. by   BeenThere2012
    Quote from s2r19o88
    You go to change your nieces diaper for the first time, and you wonder where the gloves are...
    Was thinking this same thing. Changing a friend's baby's diaper...LOL
  6. by   BeenThere2012
    Quote from mclennan
    Any time you sign your name you automatically put "RN" & the date/time after it, especially when tired after a long shift, I did this at the DMV and had to do it over.

    Here in L.A., my co workers and I used to try and guess which SSRI/NRI/benzo the plastic-surgeried ladies we saw on the street were on, "she totally has Zoloft face. OMG, that blonde one has Xanax eyes. Lookit, Paxil face AND fresh Botox!"

    Carry box of gloves in car in case of Good Samaritan situation. And I sometimes try to log on my computer at home with my work logon.
    I can't tell you how many times Ive put RN after my signature...too funny!
  7. by   thewanderingfamily
    You too? It's one of the first things I notice on people.
  8. by   thewanderingfamily
    I was going to post the same thing about looking for the AED. My husband hates going to public places with me because I diagnose everyone.
  9. by   thewanderingfamily
    When your husband has to stop you in the middle of a story at the dinner table with his family because his father was going pale at the mention of blood and BMs. You forget, not everyone can handle the gory stories we share at work over meals.

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