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:D Here is my most gross, yucky, disgusting nursing story! I was working a night shift on a tele floor as a new Nurse. We had this one poor old lady who was confused and was restrained as... Read More

  1. by   crackerjack
    Quote from Frances LeMay
    I agree. Even though many won't agree, I think that sort of activity is disgusting anyway.

    I have to agree.
  2. by   nursesaushakat
    I was a sophomore in nursing school and working as an aide at a nursing home. One of the residents, man in his 80's, unable to talk or walk...anyway he did not seem to be feeling well during dinner which he had barely touched and he usually eats everything. So we wheel him back to his room and get him in the lift so we can put him in the bed, we decided to check his brief to see if he was wet...as soon as the brief came down diarrhea showered out of him, it splattered the floor, his wife's bed and dresser, the lift itself, all over the floor, and of course the other aide. I felt really bad for him until I saw the big devilish grin on his face. What a mess.
  3. by   mgalloLPN
    That's the most disgusting thing ever. And yet I still can't wait to be a nurse!
  4. by   navynurse06
    Ok....I have another one for you all....
    While I was in nursing school I worked as a tech at the VA in the ICU/PCU. The PCU is a 6 bed unit, and there is cameras in all the rooms and the monitors are at the desks. So I was at the desk, and I happened to look over at the montiors and I see our pt in the last bed standing at the side of his bed. This pt was in 3 point restraints (due to being confused, trying to crawl out of bed, and pull his tube out) and had a chest tube, so to say the least it was a bit alarming to see him standing beside his bed. So I go running in there to get him back into bed before he pulled his tube out or fell and broke something. So when I get in there here this poor man is standing there with his hand over his butt and poop is just spewing out. I mean it looked like someone had turned on water hose of poop, and it was coming out of his butt. So I yell for help. My help arrives and here we are trying to get this poor guy back in bed, and not getting poop all over us at the same time. There's poop every where; on the floor, on the bedside table, all over the bed and the pt. The pt was sliding around in it so the two of us where having a hard time getting a hold of him and getting him back in bed. I mean it looked like we had been mud wrestling in poop!!!
    Thank god one of the doc's came in when he did to help us put him back into bed. That was such a mess!!!
  5. by   mgalloLPN
    Quote from RGN1
    I have the usual faeces stories etc but I thought I'd tell you about this delight:

    When I was a newly qualified staff nurse I worked in an ophthalmic unit. One evening shift the junior doc on call came up to me and said he had to go to the mortuary to harvest eyes for corneal transplant from a recently deceased patient & he needed assistance.

    At first I was laughing at him & saying that he was winding me up etc etc but he told me it was true & please could I go. The other nurses on shift were adamant that NO WAY were they going so it ended up as muggins here!

    Anyway, we walk over to the mortuary - it's pitch black, about 21.00 & it's pouring with rain.

    We get in & the body's already on the table. The rain was so fierce it was coming in under the door. The doc starts & he's looking decidedly unhappy - well I'm even more unhappy. So I say to him can we at least keep talking because I'm finding this really creepy. So first he decides to teach me about how to enucleate the eyes. It becomes kinda interesting & we both settle quite well.

    The first eye is out & in order to preserve the cornea he has to put a stitch through the muscle at the back & suspend it in a sterile pot. So there we are with 1 dead body (well several really but they are all behind closed doors), & one eye dangling from its thread in a pot & then theres' this almighty flash of lightning & massive crash of thunder!!! OMG it was just like a scene out of a Hammer House of Horror Movie.

    Needless to say the lesson is ended & we resorted to singing silly songs while getting out the 2nd eye, had a few giggles trying to match the colour with the false eyes left in the box- they ALL seemed to be odd ones! Then we hot footed it out of there.

    Next morning when I asked the charge nurse if I could take my time back - we had finished quite late. He said to me that he'd heard that I'd gone but although he would give me the time off I shouldn't have gone, it wasn't my job & the doc only wanted me there because he was too scared to go alone!!!!!

    I'd fully intended to give him a piece of my mind but he was so thankful to me for going with him that I couldn't be mad. Afterall I'm pretty sure I'd have been glad of the company if it was the other way round. Besides that, he's given me my absolute favourite nursing story ever, with which I've delighted loads of kids & adults alike with over the years!

    For some reason this one creeped me out. I can't deal with eyeball stuff. Seeing eye surgeries and stuff really just makes me cringe. I can deal with pretty much anything else except poo.
  6. by   RNfromMN
    i worked for the state at a facility for the developmentally disabled; almost all of these 600 residents are non-verbal, probably 30% are total vegetables. because i worked for the state, we had many policies we had to adhere to that for the most part i did not understand: no double knots in shoe laces; they're considered a restraint; if certain pts have episodes of self-injurious behavior (including banging their head against a cement wall), we have to let them, if people want to masturbate all day (which some of them do), we have to let them, etc.

    one resident, nonverbal, had been diagnosed years ago as a "chronic masturbator." i came into work one night to find he'd been admitted to my unit for observation, as he had just returned from the hospital after having his scrotum reattached.
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  7. by   Sue Damonas
    EWWWW!!! Great balls of fire!!!
  8. by   grace90
    Right out of nursing school, still on orientation, I orientated one night with a nurse who has a severe case of "RN-too-posh-to-wash-itis":trout: . We got a new admission early in the shift, a LOL with abd pain and severe constipation of over a week. On the long list of orders was, of course, Fleets x2. My preceptor handed me the fleets and disappeared. I administered it and put the LOL on the bedpan and walked out of the room . She decided the bedpan just wouldn't do, so she climbed out of bed to a bedside commode a few feet away and got diarrhea *everywhere*. I mean, it was all over the bed, the floor, the commode, her and her foley catheter:uhoh21: . I asked my preceptor, another nurse, and the nurse aide all for assistance and no one helped:angryfire . Took me at least an hour to get all the poop off everything. I would never do that to an orientee, or another nurse for that matter. Okay, Grace, get over it, that was two years ago.
  9. by   midget3007
    This reminds me of when i used to work in a geriatric care home. We had one lady approx 90, let's call her Lily who had a favourite teddy. This was a small yellow rabbit. It used to get tucked up into bed with her at night. When on a late shift we'd often hear Lily singing to herself. Upon entering the room we'd find Lily masterbating with the rabbit! Needless to say i never touch that rabbit without gloves again, it went straight in the wash and we left well alone whenever Lily was heard to be 'singing'!

    Quote from lucky928

    Yes, this happens quite often with our demented older gals. In fact, I have one resident that is not allowed to own any beanie babies, because she likes to "insert" them in her nether regions. She was given a bunny beanie baby for Easter.....we had to keep a close eye on it......imagine seeing 2 bunny ears sticking out of her cooch!!!!

    "Here comes Peter Cottontail.....hopping down the bunny trail..." :chuckle
  10. by   BJLynn
    This happened not too long after I started my current job. I had a non-verbal, brittle diabetic, G-tube dependant, Foley catheter resident in isolation because he had MRSA in his sputum. (in addition to my other 50 mobile residents) I had just gotten on shift when one of the team leaders told me he had something wrong with his catheter.

    Ok, I suit up in isolation gear and go in there to investigate. There seemed to be blood from his penis, all the way down his catheter, and in his catheter bag. OMG!!!! I asked the other nurses for advice, and they said he had probably tugged on it and try and irrigate it. Got the irrigation kit, went back in. I disconnected the tubbing and found out that the blood in the tubing down to the bag was one massive clot. Ummmm....not gonna irrigate that! I call the Dr. He says change the foley. I get the kit and every possible thing I think I would need (including extra cath and lube). I get the team leader who is taking care of this gentleman and say to him, "Do you have a problem with blood?"

    Him: No, as long as it isn't mine!
    Me: How about blood coming from places it shouldn't?
    Him: Again, as long as it isn't mine, I'm all good.
    Me: Ok, because you will not faint on me because I need your help, and I have a feeling this isn't gonna be pretty.
    Him: *swallow* ok. This should be good expeirence, I'm going to nursing school next year.
    Me: *silent prayer: Please don't let him faint Lord, and don't let me scare him off too badly*

    We suit up and go into the room. I get my stuff ready, explain the procedure, etc... I withdraw the cath and what seemed like pints of blood (In reality not so much blood, but bloody urine) comes out of this guys penis. At this point I'm thinking I have totally screwed up, but then the bloody urine stops. I look down at myself and thank the lord I have full protective gear on, because I have blood splattered on myself. We get the guy cleaned up and ready for the new cath. I insert the new Foley and get a little bit of a bloody return followed by a nice yellow urine return. Never been so happy to see yellow pee in my life. Just a little blood is coming out of the meatus around the cath. I told the team leader the balloon had probably lodged in the urethra causing the trauma and ensuing bleeding.

    I then take the old foley bag into the bathroom to empty it. It wouldn't empty because of the clotted blood inside it. I had to cut it open to drain it.

    OMG I looked like I had been to a nice bloody surgery after that. I am so thankful I had the brains to don full gear for that one.

    Then there is the usual vomit dodging stories, packing decub stories, and rotting flesh stories, but this one takes the cake in my mind for some reason.
  11. by   fetch33
    I used to work a general surgery unit. One night, I had a TURP patient that had continuous bladder irrigation. Even though I kept his CBI running nearly wide open, he kept forming massive clots in his foley bags. I couldn't believe it when I went to empty his foley bag for the first time and nothing came out! I went through at least 5 or 6 foley bags that night. Each one I took off, I had to empty with sissors and a giant clot would plop into the toilet. I can't believe he didn't clot his catheter off.
  12. by   Phen
    Quote from NiteNICUNurse
    Well as a NICU nurse we don't get to witness many of the lovely things that have been described...but I have one that not only is the grossest thing that has ever happened but also the thing that to this day gives me nightmares. So, if you decide to read on youv'e been warned

    The NICU team was called by L&D for a 24 week gestation delivery. The woman had walked in with her bag bulging and the babies feet were included. Well the labor had gone to far to consider a C/S so the OB resident was going to deliver the baby vag. Well as we all stand there waiting to do our thing (the mother wanted everthing done) the mom pushes and the OB pulls, out came the baby and was put on the warmer. The baby looked very strange even took me and the Neo a second to figure out what was wrong, because it was so unbelivable....

    The baby had been decapitated...all that we got was the body and the brain stem. The head had to be delivered by C/S. To this day I can not even imagine what those parents must have gone through. It was like being in a horror film. Needless to say I have never seen the OB resident again.

    Real gross, i'd been laughing hard until now. Sorry abt the experience...
  13. by   beachmom
    This is my cousin's story.
    An Alzheimer's pt. wandered off from her home. She fell behind someone's woodpile, couldn't get up and wasn't found for three days. She, of course, was filthy and ill from exposure and so was in the hospital where my cousin took care of her. One morning a few days later, my cousin noticed something in the woman's eye. She pulled it out - it was a maggot that had hatched inside the woman's eye! She called the Dr. in, and they both worked on her, pulling about ten maggots out!

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