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  1. knockandhello

    drug and alcohol rehabilitation

    any RNs working in this area?I need to know what your duties involve and do you use medication charts and does the gp enter orders or do you transcribe?
  2. knockandhello

    drug and alcohol rehabilitation

    Looking for info from someone employed in this field,as I need assistance in setting up guidelines for nurses in regard to duties .Am interested in what others are required to do in this setting
  3. knockandhello

    Why do doctors get to play by different rules?

    once upon a time ,in the 60s 70s and 8os, the docs were required to wear smart troursers, shirts and white coats and carried their own stethoscopes.If I worked in a hospital now I wouldnt know them from jack.
  4. knockandhello

    Dragging 'em out of bed

    maybe a behaviour chart withthe clients responses to different approaches so interventions to her behaviour can be asessed.The trick is though when you assess her responsesand find what she responds to best is to ensure that staff adhere to this and not do their own thing.Good luck.Its a bit like a mystery novel sometimes finding out what works and can be quite satisfying when a solution is found.
  5. knockandhello

    Dragging 'em out of bed

    i agree.if more than 1approaches to test the waters some can feel quite threatened.speak calmly and soothingly if they are distressed .i can usually get them to respond and agree by introducing someone into the request that they respond to well, such as "your daughter/doctor wants us to do this for you".i always take time to explain procedures to them.as for suppositories well i always discuss "blockages" with them and usually have no problems.if they refuse i never force, never manhandle.theres nothing worse than distressed ederly with skin tears.besides then you have all the paperwork with incident reports.
  6. knockandhello

    dect phones

    Do you answer dect phones while doing medication rounds?If not, why not.
  7. knockandhello

    Please share something GOOD that happened at work!

    I received a card from a family whose relative had passed, thanking me my help kindness and compassion as it was unexpected.I keep it with me at work to remind me that people do appreciate what we do even if it isnt shown.
  8. knockandhello

    difficult co-workers

    I thank the Good Lord that I am not alone.It seems that this problem is not only where I work but is pandemic.Feel so much better knowing I am not alone and take comfort in this.
  9. knockandhello

    difficult co-workers

    Does anyone else have a problem with .subordinates who do not follow instructions and/or give misleading information.I am not confrontational by nature and desire a peaceful harmonious workplaceThere is 1 cna who has suddenly donned the mantel of rn and is disinclined to listen to instructins and is becoming quite vocal about it.Others also decide what orders they will follow.I am not the only one to have this difficulty.What do others do if they have found themselves in this position.Rns who have worked at this facility longer than I have say that they have the same problem.We have new management so am hoping the culture of the place may change.Any suggestions would be much appreciated.Thanks.
  10. knockandhello

    What do you like about your job?

    Right now it's my days off
  11. knockandhello

    I am a nurse, but I dream of....

    Being a nun ,an archeologist,an astronomer,a paleontologist ,even just being selfsufficient on a small holding.
  12. knockandhello

    Are any of you guys as burned out as I am?

    wow! Are you 87 and still working?
  13. knockandhello

    Anyone familier with Down Syndrome newborns????

    My last child when born was thought to maybe downs syndrome as he had what they thought was a simian crease.after tests came back he was perfectly normal.good luck and try not to worry.
  14. knockandhello

    fed up and set up

    Thanks for the words of comfort and advice.I have always checked orders before dont know why I didnt apart from being shortstaffed and filling in for someone else as well as doing my own duties.The lady ended up getting a double dose of antibiotics.My fault in the end .I have always before this double checked what ive been told at report and this day didnt.Could really kick myself and only discovered the error when i came home and was thinking about things.Should have known better as this other girl is always leaving things undone or partly done for the next shift to complete.Oh well feel better after finally being able to get to sleep last night.Once again thanks for listening.
  15. knockandhello

    fed up and set up

    feel really fed up with work.learnt something today .dont just believe what you are told in handover. double check doctors orders.and if its not in writing it doesnt exist.Also upset the same nurse by refusing to physically restrain a resident so that a suppository could be given.feel really upset by everything at the moment.distressed by everything.