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what are some of the most ridiculous or outrageous things patients have asked of you? i am nurse one of two nurses with 4 patients the other night in delivery. place was hopping. i answered the light... Read More

  1. by   nowplayingEDRN
    Our SICU is combined with the PACU so when there is excess staff or we have no patients (I work in a small military hospital). we are floated to PACU. A young soldier was brought out of the OR after bilateral knee surgery done under a spinal and after about 30 minutes of staring at the cieling he said, can I sak you something personal and being rather haphazard, warped and demented in my sense of humor and thinking that maye he had a serious concern, I said sure. He says to me (as he lifts up the sheet to peer down at his nether region) Does "IT" still work cause I can't feel it? Very unprofessionally of me, I started to laugh as well as the other nurse I was working with and told him, the general rule of thumb is as follows, "If you touch it and you can't feel it, it ain't workin' yet" He smiles and laughed a little nervously and then said can I ask another question? I again agreed (I figure the 2nd has to be as good as the 1st) and he said, "When will I be able to, um...well...um.....you "KNOW" with my girlfriend??" (poor thing was at the bedside when he asked this and she was BEET red but stayed...what a trooper) With great self control (my sides were shaking by now) I said that is something that you will have to discuss with your physician but I am sure that he will tell you that you will have to gauge that by how you feel, making sure you are careful of your surgical sites. With that I turned and made a hasty exit to another area of the PACU. What some folks find troublesome in time of great anxiety......lol lol lol
  2. by   gwenith
    Okay one night at about 10pm in a small country ICU I get a phone call "How is Mr...". (MR ... had been a carnival worker who had been in a major MVA) Now like a lot of you I had been trained never to tell a person inquiring that the relative had died in case it caused the inquiring relative to also have some sort of turn but in this case this was not an option and I had to "Look I am sorry but Mr... passed away - about three weeks ago"
    "OH - Why wasn't I told?" came the reply thinking to myself well 0 ifyou haven;t rung to enquire about a patient in ICU in three weeks...... quietly adn pleasently I answered "Well we have had the Police looking for relatives to contact" Immediate response - "YOU CALLED THE POLICE!!!!!!" It took me five mineutes to calm teh woman down and assure her they were only looking for someone to tell about his passing away. Finally she says
    "Oh Where is he now?"
    "I don't know."
    "Why don't you know?"
    "Errr I don't look after people once they have died! He might still be in the morgue"
    "Can you go and check"
    It took me another 10 minutes to try and talk the woamn into ringing back in the morning to talk to a hospital social worker and as I talked teh relationship she claimed became more and more distant down to "Oh we really don't know him all that well....."
    She was serious about wanting me to go down to the morgue and check out the bodies at 10 pm at night!
  3. by   Cindy_A
    No one has posted here for a while. Does anyone have any more to add?
  4. by   RNAEMTCC
    Oh this is my favorite topic:

    I had a patient call 911 to request a new nurse.
    I had a patient demand that we find a mug for their coffee cuz he wouldn't drink it out of a sty cup. (we then asked. are we at the holiday inn?)
    I have had a patient ask me to lift up his.... cuz he didn't want to touch it
    I have had numerous patients ask me to place a dinner for them in outside restaurants (on very restricted diets)
    I had one patient demand that only one nurse could be her nurse and she wanted her there 24 hours a day (um hello?)
    I had a patient ask me to pull out the rest of the stool cuz he didn't want to "strain" (seriously?)
    I had a patient ask me to cath him cuz he didn't "feel like getting up and going in the bathroom"

    oh memories... lol
  5. by   greeniebean
    Well I've been asked by several patients to kiss their ass. does that count??
  6. by   Spritenurse1210
    Quote from leesonlpn
    I wear my cap, white panty hose, white uniform white shoes - you get the picture. (Hey! Who hollered out DINOSOUR from the back row?) Anyway, I was just starting my shift, and a patient came up to me and asked "excuse me, are you a nurse?"
    (No, of course not dear patient, I'm from psych just doing my community hours here.Why do you ask?)
  7. by   sprintin08
    i work as a nurses aide for the summer since i am in nursing school. i had a 96 year old, female patient ask me, "arent you ashamed that your black?" ...i am as white as can be, not even tan.
  8. by   BanoraWhite
    - Being asked to squeeze someones black heads out

    - Routinely being asked by (elderly) women to shave their chins
  9. by   Not_A_Hat_Person
    I work in LTC. Residents can have pets, but they have to care for their pets. One couple has 2 cats. She and her husband have varying degrees of dementia. If the cats seem needy (one only meows when she's hungry), I ask if they have been fed. Sometimes she asks me to feed the cats.
  10. by   nursejoy1
    Before I became a nurse, I did private home care- I had one 85 year old pt that I bathed QOD because he had rheumatoid arthritis and could not bathe himself. He decided that the washing of his genitals stimulated testosterone production and would make him feel better if I would "do it a little harder and more of it" He stated it would be a medical therapy, I told him it would be prostitution. He even typed up a business card for me ( he could type with one finger on each hand)- "testosterone therapy" , photocaopied some info on the benefits of increased teststerone production and had his daughter cut out 2 obits from the local paper of 2 ladies that had passed recently and left elderly husbands behind that could use my services!!! ( she didn't know why he wanted them) I talked w/ his daughter and after a stern talking to, this kind of talk and requests stopped. His daughter was sooooo embarrassed!
  11. by   ibmanda2000
    It was not so much what my pt asked me to do... but merely a suggestion.
    Upon transferring him from W/C back to bed he refused to allow me to put the gait belt on. I tried explaining that since he was only wearing a gown, I would have nothing to grab onto in the even that he started to fall...
    He replied, "uh huh.... just grab my penis!"
    Oh boy... old men never lose their drive.
  12. by   teeniebert
    Quote from ibmanda2000
    He replied, "uh huh.... just grab my penis!"
    Oh geez...let's see..."I'm sure I could do that, however I don't think you'd enjoy having your entire body weight suspended from that particular appendage."
  13. by   ernoc333
    Male patient, born male, insisting that he was pregnant....and the doctor DID order a Urine Pregnancy Test because the patient insisted on it.

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