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To say that I loathe the 0900 med pass at my SNF would be the understatement of the year. First of all, being able to concentrate on the pass itself is impossible in the face of almost constant... Read More

  1. by   sunmaidliz
    I'm surprised she didn't get fired. I would have gotten fired for that at my last LTC facility. THey fired me for A WHOLE lot less. A g-tube started coming out of the wrong port and I blocked it closed with my thumb, my GLOVED thumb, and unfortunately, the family was there, complained to the boss. Got fired for 4 hours unauthorized overtime but the dumb boss didn't realize, forgot, or was using it as an excuse to fire me since that overtime was when I stayed late when someone called off ON MOTHERS DAY. I HATE LTC. Or maybe I just hated my last facility. Well, I liked the facility. I hated my boss. I think she knew it and that's why she found an excuse to get rid of me.
  2. by   silverbat
    I call that type of day as "the dropsies". Hate hate hate those days!! I have had the pill crushers slippery envelope mess, and added to it the gazillion souffle-type paper med cups I knocked over trying to NOT knock over the envelopes.... Took me forever to pick em up!! I have done the GT sploosh as well, and had a resident cough while gt open... ugh... for some reason gastric contents/tube feeding expand greatly on contact with the air!!!
    Hope your dropsies stop for tomorrow! Keep on writing!!!!
  3. by   NurseDirtyBird
    It's nice to know I'm not the only member of the Klutzy Nutzy Nurse's Club.
  4. by   VivaLasViejas
    Klutzy it!!!
  5. by   WAheartnurse
    Just remember folks that excessive dropping of items and tripping over things etc etc and general increase in clumsiness can be signs of more serious problems. I knew a friends grown son that had myasthenia gravis and one of the first signs was increased clumsiness (and voice change and fatigue). I think being a nurse though makes me think everyone I meet has some underlying disease LOL.
  6. by   VivaLasViejas
    Thank you for that thought. You are certainly right in that decreased coordination can mean something sinister may be going on. But you needn't worry about me, at least: I've been tripping over smoke and knocking over stuff since I learned to walk.
  7. by   HappyWife77
    I think I take care of the same patient who "harangues you twenty minutes saying his doctor is trying to kill him with all these pills". LOL!!! I agree some of the amounts of medications residents are prescribed are astronomical! They give a pill FOR EVERYTHING....
  8. by   NurseBrookitty
    It seems like on these days the more flustered and in a hurry you get, the more crap happens! I had a day like this recently, what should have been a 45 min med pass became a 2hr one due to everyone needing something or wanting to chat for several minutes. One lady had her channel on her TV in the 900s (didn't even know it went that high) and she wanted me to click through each channel one by one to find the one she was looking for. She didn't know what the number was, and was perfectly capable of using the ancient remote herself, but insisted I do it. GAH! Tomorrow is another day.
  9. by   katnurs
    One time at the end of my shift, i was giving report to the oncooming nurse in the morning at the patient's bedside. The patient said she had to pee. So I moved the bedside commoder closer to her.As I was moving the commode, the bin from the commode fell on the floor.Leaving all its contents to splash upwards onto me. Lets just say it was good thing I was going home anyway.

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