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  3. by   karenG
    you have got to be kidding...........arent you?????

  4. by   babs_rn
    I keep looking for the punch line.....
  5. by   nursedawn67
    What the He** is this??? Now we ARE playing god!!
  6. by   nursedawn67
    Originally posted by babs_rn
    I keep looking for the punch line.....
    Me too!!
  7. by   debbyed
    Come on, Somebody tell the truth, Is this for real?????

    Course, my husband wants a baby and I'm too darn old...Is this the answer. I have a hard time picturing a 6'4" 240# WOP (his word, no offense intended) with a full beard and hair in a pony tail halfway down his back... pregnant.

    I think I'll print out the times cover and show it to him when he gets home from work and tell him that is our solution. Anybody want to take bets about what he says???
  8. by   dianacs
    A clever fake if you ask me...right down to the professional-looking website. That's what makes it seem credible.
  9. by   PsychoRN
    They also do head transplants!
  10. by   gwenith
    Don't laugh too hard - about ten years ago OMNI science magazine ran an article on male pregnancy. At that time there had been research into the amount of eostrogen produced by the placenta. They had implanted a male baboon with a fetus and allowed the "pregnancy" to continue for some months before terminating.

    The article went on to describe how an ectopic pregnany would affect a male and the ethics involved - including the increased risk of cancer and other problems.

    But the real joker and why I remember the article after all these years? It appears the scientists found that the most successful site to implant embryo's in male mice was not the abdomen but inside the scrotal sac!

    Now sing after me "If your balls hang low........"
  11. by   Flynurse
    Now if this were really true don't you think Fox News would be all over it???

  12. by   Shamrock
    Ick, looks too bizarre for me!!
  13. by   nurse-in-boots
    Originally posted by Flynurse
    [B]Now if this were really true don't you think Fox News would be all over it???
    ITA... never before heard of this crap, THink they are full of it.
  14. by   NICU_Nurse
    Okay, I'm voting for the "Full of It" school of thought. I visited the other parts of this web site, out of curiosity. First of all, the man who is 'pregnant' is an artist- a visual and PERFORMANCE artist. Please keep this in mind before you take this seriously!!! Secondly, anyone actually SEE the TIME magazine cover with him on it? I surely haven't.

    But! Just for kicks, I also visited the part where you can "communicate" with their neuro-enhanced mouse. There is an option where you can have a conversation with him. Hmm. Also, you can 'race' him in a maze. He competes via brain transducers. Heehee.

    Then! I found the BEST PART OF THIS WEB SITE!!!


    Here, you and your loved one can create a genetically enhanced baby. You can get your DNA scanned RIGHT OVER THE INTERNET and design the perfect baby, including chances for getting cancer and a myriad of other diseases, as well as eliminating pesky problems such as ADD (only $4000 more for this- well worth it, don't you think?).

    But the real topper is this: If you sign up, after designing your baby, you will receive monthly emails and sonogram results, as well as get to meet (online) your surrogate mom. Apparantly, they implant your genetically designed super-baby into an anonymous surrogate, and wham! Nine months later you pick up your medical miracle. Or maybe they have it shipped to you, not sure.

    I, luckily, was told on the site that a 'scan of my records' showed that my insurance would cover ALL COSTS of this endeavor. Whew. I was about to hold a can shake across from the Piggly-Wiggly.

    I highly advise that you all check this out immediately, so that we can start a new army of uber-babies. I've already ordered twins.

    (Who, just FYI, will be arriving with red hair and hazel'd they KNOW that?)

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