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In the hospital where I worked a couple of years ago, a very well known hockey player came for healthcare after an accident...girls were all upside down...and you, for which famous star would you be... Read More

  1. by   redwolf
    I took care of the last living Munchkin
  2. by   danissa
    ........still no votes for Hugh Jackman in his Wolverine get up??? GGRRRR!!
  3. by   Lorie P.
    in no certain order, but the list would include:
    matthew mcconaughey ( people's mag sexiest man alive 2005):yeahthat:
    captian jack sparrow aka johnny depp
    michael bolton
    george strait
    keith urban
    tobey keith
    hugh laurie aka greg house
    denzel washington
    sean connery
    lets' just say i would be one busy nurse!!:d :d :d
  4. by   chococroissant
    OMG! The OP totally made my heart beat faster....


    Daniel Craig
    Eric Bana
    Clinton (from What not to Wear! Ahahahahaha. Even though I know hes gay)

    and, ehehehe
    Jean Claude Van Damme!
  5. by   chococroissant
    Quote from Kay Ciel, RN
    Any of the Spartans from "300".
    OOOH, I gotta say. those abs were surreal! and yes, any day... any day.... Id take any of em!
  6. by   Schmoo1022
    Yes, I LOVE Hugh Jackman as Wolverine...Very sexy.

    But I have to say...Dave Matthews. He is the only man I can use my " cheat on my husband for free" card with. My husband thinks it is hilarious that I get all hot and bothered over some balding guy! He makes me SWOON
  7. by   Ms Kylee
    Not in any particular order: Derek Jeter, Morgan Freeman, Michael Clark Duncan, Steven Tyler (yes, he IS sexy, just a different kind of sexy from Hollywood type sexy), David James Elliott, Harrison Ford, George Strait, Marty Stuart, and Clint Black... I know... strange tastes in men.... *L*
  8. by   R0xyg4l
    Good responses already! I would definetly agree with Anthony Kiedis... he'd be getting like multiple sponge baths from me lol... also Orlando Bloom and Brad Pitt would be another jaw dropper for me.
  9. by   biker nurse
    first of all ladies VIN DIESIL is gay
    My guy would have to be COLIN FARREL
  10. by   mandirocker
    jon bon jovi!!!!!!!! yum!!!!!!
    or richie sambora!!!!! (both of bon jovi)
    or steve perry (journey) in the 80s

  11. by   Sisukas
    Caeiluna, I'd inventory Teemu's scars with you any time...unless I was in a room with Scott Hannon or Joe Thornton. Actually, I'd love to primary a 4 bed-room with those two, Teppo Numminen, and Vesa Toskala, and just listen to them talk a while. Wonder how much morphine it would take to make them think they were in a Room?
  12. by   58flyer
    Quote from piccman
    You women all make me sick. There is only one correct answer to this question.......and it is Alyssa Milano (with long hair).
    Wrong answer! The correct answer is Reese Witherspoon
  13. by   Cmariehart
    Jeff Jarrett- from TNA wrestling- He's my Mc Hottie!!!!!!!

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