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Older Than Dirt Quiz: Count all the ones that you remember- not the ones you were told about! Ratings are at the bottom. 1. Blackjack chewing gum 2. Wax Coke-shaped bottles with colored sugar... Read More

  1. by   RNforLongTime
    I am not quite 30 and I fell into the second catogorie "getting older". Aint' that the truth!
    I GOT 4!! I'M YOUNG!! I'M YOUNG!!

    I kinda needed the little pick-me-up today!

  3. by   zudy
    You only got a 4 Heather? You aren't old enuff to be working!! I used to love those big wax lips! Did you ever have a chocolate candy called Ice Cubes? They were a penny, and they were so good. Did any one have a woody ststion wagon?
  4. by   BugRN
    Oh my God, 23 out of 25. Hey what's the point of getting older if you don't get the chance to reminice. Does anyone remember making rings out of glass soda bottles. You'd scrape the lips of 2 bottles together until they fell off, took hours!! then you'd smooth them down and put them on string and wear as a necklace! Making go carts out of wooden milk crates and roller scates?? Playing hide and go seek, hop scotch?? God I am Old!!
  5. by   sunnygirl272
    hey...we still have a drive in here where i live....still open all summer long...http://www.midwaydrivein.com/info/location.shtml
  6. by   jevans
    I got 4 either I'm young or it doesn't apply to us in the UK but my grand mother kept her wash tub wringer until 1987
  7. by   zudy
    Sunnygirl thanks for sharing your drive-in!!!! Haven't been to one since I was 16!!
  8. by   Brownms46
    Originally posted by I1tobern
    I got twelve. Brownie, my sources tell me that Butch Wax is what guys used to put in their hair to get the "greaser" look.

    Its so funny when we go to the store. My son firmly believes that those dang wax coke bottles are the newest thing. I have to laugh. Does anybody remember those wax red lips?
    Thanks for the info I1tobern ! I guess I just didn't know what it was called. And YES...I remember the red lips...love them! And you know it's funny a lot of stuff that has come back in style...kids think is new...but is old to us:chuckle
  9. by   mamabear
    I got 25 out of 25, which makes me older than dirt, I guess, and I wouldn't trade it for anything.
    Does anybody remember elevator operators? Carbon paper?
    Stockings with seams up the back? Sanitary belts? Typewriter ribbons? Dress shields?
    I can't be the only one.:roll
  10. by   BernieO
    Got all 25. After a hard day at work, get 100% on something!!!
  11. by   donmurray
    Heather, are you sure you don't have selective amnesia? lol
    Originally posted by donmurray
    Heather, are you sure you don't have selective amnesia? lol
    These are the ones I remember:

    Wax Coke-shaped bottles with colored sugar water
    Candy cigarettes
    45 RPM records (the little ones, right?)
    Drive ins

    I know that Packards and Studebakers are cars (I think), but I know they were before me, and I've never sat my patootie in one. I was born in 1975, and even my granny had a souped up Chevy hot rod lookin thing.

    "Soda pop machines that dispensed bottles" - I remember drinking out of bottles, but not machines that dispensed them.

    So Don, sorry, I'M JUST YOUNG!!!!!!!!

    :chuckle Heather
  13. by   live4today
    originally posted by karalea
    older than dirt quiz:
    count all the ones that you remember- not the ones you were told about!
    ratings are at the bottom.

    1. blackjack chewing gum
    2. wax coke-shaped bottles with colored sugar water
    3. candy cigarettes
    4. soda pop machines that dispensed bottle
    5. coffee shops with tableside jukeboxes
    6. home milk delivery in glass bottles with cardboard stoppers
    7. party lines
    8. newsreels before the movie
    9. p.f. flyers
    10. butch wax
    11. telephone numbers with a word prefix (olive -6933)
    12. peashooters
    13. howdy doody
    14. 45 rpm records
    15. s&h green stamps
    16. hi-fi's
    17. metal ice trays with lever
    18. mimeograph paper
    19. blue flashbulb
    20. packards
    21. roller skate keys
    22. cork popguns
    23. drive-ins
    24. studebakers
    25. wash tub wringers

    if you remembered 0-5 = you're still young
    if you remembered 6-10 = you are getting older
    if you remembered 11-15 = don't tell your! age,
    if you remembered 16-25 = you're older than dirt!

    guess i'm older than dirt, too, since i remember 18 out of the 25. :chuckle :chuckle

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