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I thought this would be a fun topic since nurses are the most superstitious people in the world! I believe that disaster will strike if someone says the "Q" word. I even cringe if a patient says... Read More

  1. by   debbyed

    I have one nurse that I will NEVER, Never, Ever let leave early again. Last year she asked to go home early because it was "Q" and I said ok. We got a Trauma Code (we are a level 2 trauma center, we're not supposed to get trauma codes). A couple months later we were overstaffed and I let her go home early again and yelp we got another one. Three months ago, it was her turn again and I reminded her what happened the last two times. She said it was just a coincidence and she was sure it wouldn't happen again. On her way out of the parking lot she saw the accident happen that brought us out 3rd trauma code in one year. As I said; She will Never, Never, Ever go home early on my shift again.
  2. by   kittagirl

    I cann't believe that so many of these supersions are not just nationwide but worldwide. We also have the "Q" word , not mentioning certain names and not turning beds back. Spooky........................................
  3. by   NurseTami
    Q is definately a NO-NO!!!!!

    A funny aside- the other night when I was working I happened to remark that at least we didn't have a code white going on- that is a secrity code. Sure enough within ten minutes an old guy came up the back stairs screaming for us to call the police, pulling his NG and swinging his foley bag at all of us.

    I was told to keep quiet from then on about any kind of code!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. by   nursiev
    I know that sure enough if I only take one angiocath into a room to start an IV I will I ALWAYS take at least 3 or 4.

    None of the floors in our hospital have room #13 either.
  5. by   babynurse7
    I started to laugh when I was reading these posts--Too funny!! Along with most of the other superstitions already listed here is this one--When I draw blood from a long-term central line (LTCVC), PICC, ect, I NEVER ask the patient how their line draws. Guaranteed if I do ask they will tell me it draws blood fine and then I am unable to get a drop out of it. Very frustrating!! I learned this the hard way
  6. by   SC-Tele-RN
    When death is imminent among one of our patients, the pt's nurse will tie a knot in the bottom right bedsheet corner. This insures that the patient will not die during our shift. I am fairly new to this superstition, but I know some nurses who absolutely swear by this.
  7. by   Cindy_A
    OK, Renee what is the "R" word? I just can't think what it is! Thanks!
  8. by
    TALKING about rituals------some intern put his coffee cup on the code cart................agggghhhhh four nurses got him quick.
  9. by   CATHYW
    Never heard the one about the coffee cup on the code cart. Does that mean you're about to get one, or that you're going to get slammed, or...?
    Inquiring minds want to keep up with all relevant superstitions!
  10. by   ratherbecooking
    Love this topic! I haven't heard of the knot in the bedsheet one, and I don't know what the R word is either! I can guess what the S word is, although I haven't heard of that particular one. I thought I'd heard it all in 25 years! Of course, not saying the Q word or a PIA's name is just common sense! As an oncology nurse, I never brag on my sticking skills. I even forbid patients to do it! Invariably, if a patient in one treatment chair tells another patient how good I's the kiss of death for that vein! I tell them "pride goeth before a fall" I ALWAYS take at least two IV caths...and extra 2x2' do anything else is just asking for it!
  11. by   liveintheOR
    Our OR has a few of these "ward off evil spirits" and rituals.

    1) NEVER turn off the light in the trauma room!! We even leave the radio on.
    2) Always set the equipment outside the or door when the case is a possible common bile duct exploration.
    3) Call central supply to set up the c-section cart when a certain OB is on call--if you don't- look out!
    4) Never say " Gee, we haven't done an emergency cranie for a while"
    5) I am never allowed to work 3-11p charge again. It's always
    H--- with the worst imaginable traumas and doctors.

    and... no Q's or S's...certain combinations of people on call together almost always get called in together..and last... never leave when you are on call and say "I'll see you tomorrow" --always say "I'll see you later tonight".
  12. by   MISSDONDITA
    In our hospital we actually have a room 666. It never fails that when I have been assigned to take care of someone in that room, they are one of the worst patients. When I was a student and working as a Nurse Extern I would always change the sheets of the patients I was told probably wouldn't go home. This would ensure their discharge within the hour. Of course the opposite is also true.
    Currently, I work as a bed coordinator. I have learned, especially on fridays, not to make comments about how many beds I have available.
    I have also learned to never tell a patient that they have great veins and their iv start should be a breeze.
    One time I made a comment about a patient who had been a giant PIA. The charge nurse told me I would be assigned to him when he came in. I laughed until I went to lunch about an hour later and there he was sitting in the cafeteria!!!!!!!!!!
  13. by   seven
    k, i've got the Q word....but please, sombody tell the student what the S word means....