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I thought this would be a fun topic since nurses are the most superstitious people in the world! I believe that disaster will strike if someone says the "Q" word. I even cringe if a patient says... Read More

  1. by   Q.
    We also never, ever admit a patient to room 15 on the night shift.
  2. by   swyswy
    HazeK and TeenyBabyRN are 100% right on! Those scenarieos are SOOO true!!
  3. by   Deborah Burton
    Where I work, when you have a DNR patient who is crumping, you tie a knot in the corner of the top sheet to prevent their demise on your shift. So far, in my career, every time I have done this, I made it through without an "event".
  4. by   TeenyBabyRN
    I forgot one!
    Dont say the H word in front of the baby.
    Those stable little feeders always seem to turn into NEC (necrotizing enterocolitis) scares right around the time discussions of going HOME start becoming more frequent.
  5. by   JenKatt
    TeenyBabyRN: I totally forgot about that (been out of step down for a year). About 1 out of 5 kids we would have ready to go home, that one would go down the crapper and back to NICU.. thank goodness we'd get most of em back in a week or so to go home
  6. by   skap
    We have a room on our floor that a patient passed away in. Well, now in the middle of the night when everything is Q the toilet just starts to continously flush on it's own. No one is in the bathroom and it's dark. It's the strangest thing. We just say, "Oh it's, ______ again!"
  7. by   luannaranee
    One of the nurses that I worked with on occasion didn't believe in superstitions, & he decided to prove his point. He started chanting the name of one of our freq. flyers. The woman was admitted the next day. also, when making my assignment sheet, I always assign a "Code Team", & if I don't do this, we usually have a code.
  8. by   galenight
    I agree of course with the "Q" word, "S" word and uttering a PIA patients name.. The full moon goes without saying as well.

    My only other superstition is "Kelly's Daisy Scrub Top". We work ER and invariably if she wears that top, you know what hits the fan. For some reason, it is even worse if she wears her purple pants and jacket with it.... go figure.. I have since forbidden her to wear it in my presence But she does occasionally forget... Seems to be worse when we work together.. If she works with another nurse, I don't think it's as bad... go figure.
  9. by   BrandyBSN
    Some of my fellow BSN students at TSU all share some fears!

    We never comment on how easy a test was, because that will cause us to miss more questions, thus lowering our scores.

    we never leave on a friday without checking our mailboxes first, or our profs will have put an extra reading assignment in them (which will certainly prompt a pop quiz).

    and my personal one, i never start an IV without extra 2x2s, because if i dont have them, the patient will be a squirter.
  10. by   suzanne_58
    Me...Superstitious??? Heck YES!! I worked in a nursing home for 4 years and when someone was, let's say, on thier last leg, the CNA's would tie knots in the bedsheets so to "keep thier spirits here". I thought that was being a bit much, since I was a new nurse. But, it did seem to work. Now that I work in a hospital, I see (and believe) a whole lot more. Especially when there is a full moon. And, the 3 thing....well that definately is a sign. The Q word is off limits on my unit. Say that and for sure there will be a code, a fall, or some other type of disaster. Just the other day I mentioned a pt. that was the PIA and wondered how he was. The unit clerk turned to me and said "you will find out tomorrow when he is admitted back to our unit". Me....Supersitious??? HECK YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. by   psnurse
    Oh yes, the "Q" word. I won't even say it at home.

    Along with the others mentioned............

    No matter how "Q" it is, NEVER under any circumstances turn out the lights in any trauma room.

    No matter how great the veins, always take two IV catheters.
  12. by   sandigapeachlpn
    i couldn't figure out what you guys were talking about initially, i didn't think i was superstious, until i started reading the posts. omg, i am cracking up! the biggest thing we have at our LTC facility is our fridays. i don't know if anybody else does this but with our rotating sched we say " oh i am so glad it's my friday", (on the last day before our "weekend"); anyway, everytime it's my friday, and i want so bad to have peace and possible cruising, somebody ignorant will say " gosh nobody's had a fall lately" or " hey sandi, don't you need a couple of incident reports"? just last friday for me. it was so peaceful, so serene, and at 12a the dietician shows up when i start my medicare charting marathon, and of course she pulls every chart that i need. okay, that's not so bad., then the DNS shows up to get an edge on work, because there's nobody there from dayshift to drive him insane with constant interruptions. then the RCM for the unit comes in @ 0200, the STAFF DEVOP nurse shows up @ 0400. our layed back flow was destroyed, the evil dayshift staff was surrounding us and swallowing us whole! PLEASE UNDERSTAND ALL YOU DAYSHIFT PEOPLE, I UNDERSTAND THAT THERE ARE ACTUALLY STAFF THAT DO HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR, IT 'S JUST THAT IN MY FACILITY THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THESE TWO SHIFTS AS FAR AS SENSE OF HUMOR IS..... well, basically night and day.
  13. by   Irish Lass

    One hospital EDI worked in we refused to order pizza to be delivered nor would we discuss that night's party/potluck. Sure as we did the traumas would come.

    It was OK however, for someone to bring pizza so long as it wasn't the delivery person.

    Also, we had one particular trauma room where patients were falling like flies. I taped 2 tongue blades in the shape of a cross and put it on the underside of one of the stretchers. We made sure the really bad traumas got that stretcher. It worked.! One night we had a death and wouldn't you know it - the cross had fallen off and was on the floor (guess the angels wings fluttering blew it down).

    And YES! I am a fecal magnet, and proud of it. Just have to be careful who gets assigned to work with me or it multiplies exponentially.