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  1. TeenyBabyRN

    $12 an hour?!

    Where on earth do they find RNs that will work for $12/hr??? That is disgraceful!
  2. TeenyBabyRN

    Where is the Student Nurse Thread??????

    Scroll all the way down (below all the specialties). There is now a whole separate section for student forums
  3. TeenyBabyRN

    Anyone else having trouble getting work?

    Nothing like sticking your head in the sand (so you can't see the nurses) This statement illustrates the reality of the situation. There really ARE nurses, but these nurses will not work for less-than-desirable wages. They will either be compensated at an attractive rate or they will find somewhere else to work -- even if that somewhere is outside the field of nursing. With everything nurses are called upon to deal with, it is understandable that in the absence of being well-compensated, for many it just is not worth it.
  4. TeenyBabyRN

    Black nurses VS. White nurses

    pinky vs. the brain
  5. TeenyBabyRN

    For all of you night nurses

    Ditto, but I still wouldn't change to days
  6. TeenyBabyRN

    Will Non-BSN nurses ever be fired?

    LOL! You'd have to grow some mighty long legs j/k
  7. TeenyBabyRN

    Question from a Respiratory Therapist

    I recently looked at the site. Certified Medical Assistants (CMAs)and Certified Surgical Technologists (CSTs) are no longer considered as eligible for admission. Respiratory Therapists, Paramedics (EMT-P), and certain designations of former military corpsmen will still meet the admission criteria.
  8. TeenyBabyRN

    Who's #1 your patient or you?

    NICUs do seem to enjoy a much lower turnover rate than most other specialties (but it depends a lot on the particular unit - some just do not know how to treat people) but, in my experience, adult ICUs are different. The burnout rate tends to be much higher and staffing is like a revolving door. Big people - YUCK!
  9. TeenyBabyRN

    Worthless medical insurance

    I have not seen good medical insurance through an employer yet!!! :angryfire :angryfire :angryfire :angryfire You would think that being healthcare professionals, we would have the best healthcare available, well :rotfl: There is no taking care of your own in this business - at least not that I have seen.
  10. TeenyBabyRN

    Who's #1 your patient or you?

    YES YES YES Someone else understands this!! Excellent post Agnus
  11. TeenyBabyRN

    Working in Arkansas

    Too bad Louisiana is not a compact state or you wouldn't have to do anything (Arkansas is already in the compact). Just contact the AR state board of nursing and apply for licensure.
  12. TeenyBabyRN

    lpn looking to travel

    Just MHO, but I would stay far, far away from any agency that did not require any level of experience. Patient safety and your license are not a priority for them - dollars are. You have to watch your own back as a traveler and keep in mind that most recruiters are not and have never been nurses - they have no clue about the responsibility that comes with a license, they just want that commission. Try these sites for more info http://www.healthcaretraveler.com forums.delphiforums.com/travelingLPNs Good luck!
  13. TeenyBabyRN

    Night Shift Differential

    7p-7a weekdays - $4.50 7p-7a weekends - $8.50 No way I would EVER rotate shifts (very unhealthy - its too hard to take care of others when you feel like crap all the time). I have turned down travel positions in very nice facilities that I wanted to work in because they required rotating shifts. Probably why they needed travelers...
  14. TeenyBabyRN

    "I didn't know you were gay"

    I'd say it probably has something to do with the fact that the profession shares its name with the act of putting an infant to breast. It seems like they could have found something better to call us.
  15. TeenyBabyRN

    I have to be bathed by my classmate???

    On a side note, other health care professionals do not do this kind of thing. You don't see RTs intubating each other. They don't have "Lap Chole Day" in med school.
  16. TeenyBabyRN

    Sumter Regional Hospital

    Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Hughes Spalding Children's Hospital (Atlanta) Medical College of Georgia Children's Medical Center (Augusta)