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so what are some of the abreviations used informally in your institution to describe patients. there are the old ones from Samuel Shems book "House of God" GOMER get out of my ER... Read More

  1. by   misti_z
    CYA; not cyclosporine but cover your a$$.

  2. by   DF-LPN
    The one I miss the most is:
    triple H enemas

    High, Hot, and Hell of alot!!!!!
  3. by   rnoflabor2000
    FLK's - funny looking kids - not nice, I know.
  4. by   sharon719
    :roll One of my favorites:
    FLK: Funny Lookin' Kid
    Good for all those kids that seem to have some kind of unidentified disorder...
  5. by   biscuit_007
    in the ER we had one for our most popular c/o WADAO........
    weak and dizzy all over
  6. by   l-andre
    We have a "code brown" for ...well.. that brown thing!

    We also use vitamine H (Haldol).

    We have to test every new patient for multi-resistant bacterias (nasal for MRSA and anal for ERV), we call them the "welcome tests".
  7. by   JBudd
    When we have patients lodging overnight because yet once again there are no critical care beds available, they have HFTN posted by their names on the board: Here For The Night
  8. by   Marj Griggs
    OTD (Out The Door)
  9. by   fedupnurse
    UFOP-unrestrained F@#$ing old person
    DNR-dirt nap requisition
    ROS-River of Sh#t.
  10. by   OrthoNutter
    PFO (pissed falling over) injuries
    WOMTAP (waste of my time and patience)
  11. by   andrewsgranny
    When I worked L&D and we would have a FLK- funny looking kid..
    We usually found out it was from what we called the PPP syndrome
    Pi$$ poor protoplasm:roll :roll
  12. by   ANnot4me
    I've heard LBHOL - Little blue-haired old lady.
    I use MF and FB to describe those of who I am not fond. I work in ICU and if the patient is there for no good reason, then s/he is a "baby sitting job" especially if it is a demented pt who is in the unit because there are "no sitters available."
  13. by   jdomep
    You guys are GREAT!

    I cracked my instructor up yesterday ( a doc was being a real jerk to her & us students and she appologized for him...)

    and I said is that "Dr. Richard Cranium" she said "what?" And I whispered "you know Dr. D**k Head" She was laughing so hard she was crying...