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:wavey: Have you had a most embarassing moment at work or when you were in nursing school? I did. It was when I was in nursing school. I was the oldest student. Went back to school after 35 ... Read More

  1. by   FranEMTnurse
    :chuckle Michael,
    I can picture your cherry red face now. Oh the memories we create when we least expect them.

  2. by   Dublin37
    Gee Michael, you should have been a gymnast! Did you have a proper dismount??? hee hee
  3. by   Dixen81
    Oh, my gosh, Michael! LMAO!! I'm glad you lived to tell that one!
  4. by   nowplayingEDRN
    It didn't happen to me but this was shared with me when i started my new job in December.......

    the nursing educator at Bon Secours had that happen to her. As she tells it...she went in to try and passify an irate family and put in an IV on the pt....bent forward to put the IV in...out came the fart......all she could think of to say was "My, the weather certainly has been nice, hasn't it?" The family laughed....they laughed till they did the nurse educator!
  5. by   amy
    I swear this is a true story! It is too wild not to be. 50-some-odd comes in for urinary retention. I am a not quite 2 yr old nurse. Orders: foley cath to gravity drainage. I in, the man's wife and grown son are in the room during catheter insertion; "they've seen it all anyway." No real difficulty except during insertion; some resistance. The urinary drainage is less than 100 cc, and appears purulent. Reported results to PA caring for the patient. 30 min later, he hollers from one end of the nursing station to me on the other side; "you know what the UA showed??? SPERM-- too numerous to count!" I have never lived that down; and I work in a different facility now! And I SWEAR the man was never engorged, and he said "OW, OW, OW!"

    THAT, my friends, takes SKILL!!!
  6. by   VivaLasViejas
    Here's a story about what was undoubtedly one of the worst cases of foot-in-mouth disease I've ever suffered from.

    One nice Saturday afternoon some years ago when my sister and I were in town prowling the antiques stores, I got to yammering about those stupid pink flamingoes people used to put on their lawns (and still do, evidently, or they wouldn't sell the damned things in the antiques stores). I was goofing around in the street, posing on one leg as though I were one of 'em and singing "I'm just a dumb pink one-legged bird" the meantime, my sister was frantically trying to get me to shut up and stop acting like that, and I couldn't figure out what her problem was (other than embarrassment at being with a 40-something-year-old woman acting like a complete idiot on a public street). Finally, she pointed to the reason she wanted me to get off the flamingo act........a one-legged man, standing on the corner not ten feet from me. :imbar :imbar :imbar

    Then---LATER THAT SAME DAY---we were in the restroom at Target and I got to making fun of middle-aged women who use miniature backpacks as purses, doing this whole riff about how ridiculous it looked to see them try to look like college students, etc., etc. Yup, you guessed it........I came out of the stall and there I was, face-to-face with another forty-something who had on a mini-backpack and was, needless to say, fuming :angryfire She showed a lot more class than I did that day, just by turning on her heel and walking out without wasting more than a nasty look on me.

    Yanno, I've analyzed that particular episode any number of times, and I still don't know what got into me that day........normally I'm not catty like that, but after this my sister was ready to bring me my milk in a saucer! MEOW!!
  7. by   FranEMTnurse
    I had one just last night. It was HUGE! It was HORRIFYING! It was horrificly embarassing! I had sent my list of prescriptions to be filled to the pharmacy with my caregiver. She picked it up yesterday, with a message from the pharmacist stating, "It's too early to fill the rest of the prescriptions. I was confused. My caregiver suggested I call the pharmacy to see why I was unable to get them filled. I was eating my supper at the time. Not expecting such a rapid response, I filled my mouth with food. On came a grouchy male voice. I asked in a muffled voice, "Why couldn't my prescriptions be filled? The grouchy reply was, "What are you saying? I can't understand you." Apologetically, I said, "I'm sorry. I have a mouth of food, and it's hard to talk." Meanwhile, my caregiver was on the other phone burping like nobody's business.
    I swallowed my food, and replied, "Why can't the rest of my prescriptions be filled?" :angryfire Because it's too early to fill them. Your insurance company won't pay for them!" "How come?" I asked. "Because it's too early!" came the grouchy reply. I said, "But they were filled the first of February. Isn't today the first of March?" "NO!" came the reply. "IT'S STILL FEBRUARY!":imbar "Oh!" I replied apologetically. "I'm sorry. I must have lost a week somewhere. "Then I asked, "Do you still have the list? If you keep it, you'll have it when the time comes for when you can fill them." "NO!" came the grouchy reply. "I gave them to the person who picked up the one legal script!" "Oh!" I said. As I was apologizing, with my caregiver burping in the other telephone, my phone suddenly went dead. Confused, I looked over at my caregiver, and she was laughing so hard tears were coming out of her eyes. I on the other hand was definitely embarassed.
  8. by   HorseluvnRN
    10 years ago, before I decided to go back to school to get my RN, I worked as a medical assistant in a very busy family practice. I had only worked there for about a week and had learned very quickly that you had to get the patients in the room, get the vitals, chart the assessment and move on to get the next pt in the next room in order to keep the flow going and the Dr's on time. I started to feel like I was on top of things and could be in and out in a matter of minutes. I took a man into a room to get his info and found that he had a wound on his leg that would not heal. In fact it had a foul smelling discharge comming out of it. I started charting my assessment but could not think of how to spell "purulent" so I picked another word and moved on. It was when I came out of another pt's room that I found the Dr. on the floor (no joke) laughing so hard (with the chart in his hand) that tears were rolling down his face. The other office staff was as well. He handed me the chart and asked me what was wrong with my entry? My entry was " Pt here today with c/o right knee wound not healing. Foul, ***** discharge noted". :imbar
    Of course every one forgot about this two wk's later. I had finished shaving a mans very hairy chest for a EKG. He looked up at me (with trust in his eyes) and said " why are you doing this when I only want to see the Dr for a refill of my depression medication?"( I hope I did not drive him over the edge:uhoh21Oops.....The chart was on the wrong door.
    Lesson learned....check, check,and double check. Thank God I now have brains!!! LOL
  9. by   kastas
    Quote from nowplayingEDRN
    It didn't happen to me but this was shared with me when i started my new job in December.......

    the nursing educator at Bon Secours had that happen to her. As she tells it...she went in to try and passify an irate family and put in an IV on the pt....bent forward to put the IV in...out came the fart......all she could think of to say was "My, the weather certainly has been nice, hasn't it?" The family laughed....they laughed till they did the nurse educator!

    LOL! :chuckle

    Along the same subject as gas....My preceptor for Labor and Delivery (several years ago) was talking to one of our very young labor patients. She was having a lot of trouble pushing with her epidural. My preceptor was demonstrating and told her to roll into a ball, chin on chest, and grab her knees...She leaned over (standing) and grabbed her bent knees....Picture the squat!......She said, "now with all your might, act like you are taking the biggest poop of your life and bear down." She must have really beared!! She let out this huge, long, whopper of a fart. :chuckle :chuckle :chuckle

    The mother of the pt and I were laughing so hard we were holding each other up. I had tears flowing!! She turned bright red and said, "well, if you do that then you are doing it right"........

    The funniest part was, the pt just looked confused....Every time I remember that episode I start laughing all over again. I will never let her live that down.
  10. by   FranEMTnurse
    Ha,ha,ha,ha,ha. I wouldn't let her down either. That was a real hoot!
  11. by   laurakc
    I was a new nurse, with very little experience. I was orienting with an old navy nurse, all business..
    We went into a pt's room...she had asked for the bedpan and was quite large...
    I started rolling the patient over to place the bedpan under her..she started screaming!! I was not sure what was wrong so stopped dead in my tracks...
    She finally got enough composure to say "My skin"..
    I looked down and you would not believe this...her skin was actually caught in the side rail...OMG
    I looked at my preceptor, she looked at me...we rolled the patient back onto her back, apologized, walked out into the hallway and laughed so hard I nearly peed my pants..

    Same woman...decided to take her to the bathroom to prevent this from occurring again..She sat on the toilet and it actually came off the lie...

    Getting her off the floor was a day's work...

    Every time I see this patient's name, I laugh (she is a frequent flyer)
  12. by   nursepenny
    My most embarassing moment came one night after a night from h---! We had been really busy the previous night and i was late getting home. I was really tired and sleepy when I woke up and got ready for work. It was about 2330 and I looked down at my shoes and noticed I had 2 different shoes on. But at least they were both white, LOL. One was a Hush Puppy Bounce and the other was an Easy Spirit. I had been wondering why my left foot felt different but didn't think to look at my shoes. I was so embarassed, but couldn't stop laughing. Even now, I am known as 2-shoe Penny. LMAO. I guess this was the first time I had actually worn 2 different shoes at once!!! Trying to start a new trend I guess.

  13. by   NurseRatchet26
    Youre killin' me! You're just plain killin' me :chuckle :chuckle :chuckle : :chuckle
    My belly hurts from laughing so hard you guys!
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