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Full time exhausted BSN student in need of a vacation

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  1. nursejenrad

    What do you HATE to do at work?

    My jail is EXACTLY the same! We have 1,200 inmates and we see the same ones over and over and over!! It makes me want to scream- AHHHH!!!! They drug seek allright, but for anything and everything. Vicodin is the strongest thing we carry and we give it out very seldom. Our guys just like to "get out" and do something to break up the day. Then, once in a while I will start an ABX for an abscess or whatever and they fail to get up in the morning to take it and it starts all over again a week later- Duh!
  2. nursejenrad

    What do you HATE to do at work?

    I forgot about toenails!!! I hate that too- Major gross-out!
  3. nursejenrad

    What do you HATE to do at work?

    Its very funny to read what you all hate. Gee.... I hate lots of things. I must pick one and the winner is????? suctioning. Thank goodness we have no suctioning where I work. I have had to suction only enough times to know to avoid it at all costs. I almost gag when I see it and the noise is too much for me. I can handle most icky things but could name many that I prefer to avoid. I work in jail and the worst thing for me is all the rotted teeth R/T drug abuse. Yuck!!!
  4. nursejenrad

    Offered job at prison

    I work in a county jail and I imagine it is much different then a prison but overall I really like jail nursing. I hear prison nursing tends to have inmates that are much more stable, as county nursing- we see it all. It is never boring and everyone I work with likes the position. There is minimal to no family stuff (not trying to keep family members happy more then the patient) and that is a huge plus! Good luck! jen
  5. nursejenrad

    Disturb you to see a tongue pierced?

    Okay fergus51, lets hear it.
  6. nursejenrad

    Disturb you to see a tongue pierced?

    I also have a small diamond in my nose and I admit that I was nervous that my patients may look at me funny or say something. The cool thing is that the only comments I have heard, are good ones. The older generation folks have given the compliments, the kids may feel more comfortable and the 20-30 ish crowd has never- ever said anything negative. I am in clinicals right now in a after-hours trauma unit and not a word has been said. I also have my belly pierced (10 years ago) and got my first tattoo last year. I think that professionalism is the key, you can not look like a freak. The tongue is okay if it is not distracting and a ton of people have them and they are not even noticable. That is my opinion- I would get my tongue pierced if I had the guts- Too chicken! jen
  7. nursejenrad

    You Know You're a Nurse When...

    For Halloween 2002 I dressed my oldest (12 year old Jacob) in a homemade costume-(I was in the middle of Flu shot season) I made pants, shirt and a pointy hat out of bio-hazard bags, strapped a sharps container (new-duh!) on his back like a backpack and he wore gloves and had the syringes (no needles) taped all over him. He was a hit- The year before he was a Dr. with all the real stuff- I think I drive him a bit crazy- My youngest, now 8, has known all the major bones in the body since he was 5 and can give off medical facts like he is a second year student! He says stuff to other people like "ya know, thats the longest and strongest bone in the body" or whenever he corrects people I just die "thats not your cheek bone, it's your zygomatic" Have I started something here? jen
  8. nursejenrad

    Most Embarassing Moment

    Heather, I think this made my whole day- I can so totally picture this and I had tears in my eyes reading this. Your cool! jen
  9. nursejenrad

    Introductions:"New" and "Old" Students.

    Congrats Marcy- I am 31 and trying for my BSN, hope I don't conk out- 3 boys of my own. Good luck and hang in there! jen
  10. nursejenrad

    Scariest thing you have found

    Nystatin is used a antifungal, and is applied all over the affected area (The groin in this case) Nitro is a topical (it's in a tube in this case, can be in all sorts of other forms but the tube gave it away) and is measured out carefully for the tx of angina, it relaxes vascular muscle. The point is that it can bottom out your BP, give a wicked headache and it can last up to 12 hours. Not something you want all over your bottom side or anywhere else for that matter (unless you have angina-) I hope this helps-
  11. nursejenrad

    Scariest thing you have found

    Another from the "Thank Goodnes I Walked in That Room" file, NA giving a pt a bed bath was to apply Nystatin to pts groin. She had a tube of NITRO in her hand! [/b] OMG! That would have been some bed bath!
  12. nursejenrad

    EMT to RN?

    I went to LPN school in 1997-1998. Went to EMT school in 2003 and also got the IV and EKG Cert. I went to EMT school because I have always thought that was the job for me. The catch is that the pay is so low, and as an LPN I made 3x the money. I am in a BSN program now and everyone I know has voiced the opinion that the EMT was not needed (fun for me, but not necessary) and in nursing school you more then likely will need to do all your classes anyway. Example is the A&P, the A&P in EMT only scratches the surface of the A&P in nursing school. The only thing I think would be cool, is if you work as an EMT while you go to nursing school. You will get experience while in school and have a little more of a medical background so things may be easier. Anyway, whatever your decision, go for the nursing school. Even LPN's make great $! I made $24.00/hour as an LPN with the Pool type nursing. Good luck!!!!
  13. nursejenrad

    Does YOUR licensing body give out your address?

    I'm in Colorado and our license says our name and city. No address- thank god, how stupid is that?
  14. nursejenrad

    "Nurse Appreciation Week" gifts from employer

    Well, like most of you- we didn't get much. A box of chocolate, 1 box for each department. Not our own of course! A quick pep talk from the director. (WhooooHooooo!!!!!!) I will say that I laughed at a lot of replies and it's great that we CAN laugh. I wish everyone the best, only we know the true meaning of caring for others. P.S. LOVE the knife-very interesting
  15. nursejenrad

    Introductions:"New" and "Old" Students.

    hi Sarah, I just smiled when I saw your post. it nice to see such happiness. Good luck! I am also getting my BSN, hang in there, it will all be worth it jen
  16. nursejenrad

    Out Of BEDSIDE nursing

    I work for a managed care company and I review car accidents and recommend (or not) treatment. I have only been here about three months but I really like it. I am a full time BSN student and it was too much on my plate to have the stress of agency nursing and school..kids..so on and so on. I do not make the $ that the agency paid me, but its worth the trade off right now. I also have great benefits. I put my resume on monster.com and I was bombarded with calls. My current employer interviewed me and I started the next week. Good luck! I am going to look for a unique position when I graduate. I have been in too many situations that I felt unsafe and overworked (16 hours shifts) along with never getting to even have some lunch or run to the bathroom. You will find something you like, just put your name out and they will come. jen