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Ok Guys, I am a male student nurse (56 years old) who needs to come here for some humor and comic relief sometimes, so no more male bashing please :-)......but.....I forgive you male bashers and I... Read More

  1. by   chrisrob
    were females male bashing is our job
    :chuckle :roll :roll :chuckle :
  2. by   rebel_red
    we're females male bashing is our job

    hmmm can this be successfully used on one's resume?

    1979-present: Vice Princess of Male Bashing. Responsible for the
    destruction of the male ego. Utilized humor and
    sarcasm resulting in a 90% success ratio.
    Increased female staff morale at no cost to

    I'll let ya'll know how this works...
    who really does love men :kiss
  3. by   SRNJIM
    Hello Guys!

    I never thought I would get these kinds of replies. Keep 'em coming. :-)

    Jentte, as you can see, I am still having trouble getting the smiley faces in to my letter. They all go below my signature and I cannot even get the reply to go.

    Hello rebel_red! In the 12 years I was an administrator, and COO, I never saw a resume with Male Bashing as a skill set. Perhaps they were not as good at as you guys. :-) :-)

    If I ever take a management position again..first, watch out because I have lost my mind..I may take a closer look at this skill set to see if indeed it is a desirable quality. Especially if they are as good as rebel-red and can boast a 90% success ratio. Impressive!! :-)

    Gwenith....blonde jokes????? I don't know what you are referring to. As a professional health care person, I am above such things. :-) BTW if you all haven seen Gwenith's replies to the International dumb questions, do yourself a favor and read them. I laughed until I cried. :-)

    OK, this is not a joke, but I hope you find it as funny as I did. Last Friday in clinicals, I think you guys would have been proud of your Old student nurse here. At 56, I just do not intimidate easily and while I want to be successful, sometimes I just don't give a s---, when some suposedly educated professional mistreats a coworker!!!

    Here's what happened: Dr. Ego Jerk came to the floor mad about something before he ever started his rounds. He began by chewing on the charge nurse about everything from President Bush to illegible charting. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!!

    Anyway, he then starts on my nurse about a med that we gave a half hour late. It was late from the pharm and we gave it as soon as it hit the floor. We charted it properly and legally. He asked, "What kind of incompetent idiots do you have working here today?" Before my nurse could say anything, I said, "We don't have any incompetent idiots working today...yet. Would you like to stay?" He said nothing, my charge nurse said nothing, and my nurse did not say anything. However, I did hear some snickering in the background. I was not written up and probably will not be. How'd I do girls???


  4. by   OzNurse69
    Well, I for one am impressed!!!
  5. by   gwenith
    :chuckle :roll :chuckle

    Good One!!!! or in Australian Goodonyamate!
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  6. by   NICU_Nurse
    Jim, here's a tip. All the smilies have text codes that can be yped in instead of clicking on them, AND you can use them in the 'quick reply box' AND you can insert them in the middle of your sentence like this .

    To test this out, pretend to reply to a thread (use this one- why not? You started it.) by clicking on the "post reply" button. Then, click on the smilies and look at the text code that shows up when you click them.

    Or, click on the "Get More" link at the bottom of the smilie box and look at all of them; you'll memorize the ones you use all the time. You can only use a couple in each post (that's just the way the board is set up).
  7. by   chrisrob
    ok. were proud of you we may just let you become an honorary female for that
  8. by   SRNJIM
    Whoa!! Honorary female??? I am flattered! Thank you Chrisrob!!

    Kristi and jnette for the help on the faces. I am beginning to think it is not the guy here, but maybe there is something going on between my browser and allnurses page. I reformatted my hard-drive just last week. I may need to do a little more. If these show up that I am using now, it is because I am usung the cut-n-past method.

    Gwenith, I meant to tell you that I have a first cousin who has lived the past 22 years in Adelaide. Not sure I spelled it correctly. Do you live near there?

    Hey, I don't have any real good jokes for this AM, sorry.

    I have a question. I know this is for humor, but I have a good problem that I need some advice for. It has to do with program selection this summer. If it is OK, let me know and I will ask you guys advice. Thanks!

    Later guys,

    Jim C.
  9. by   Tilleycs
    SRNJIM, I applaud your courage. I have pointed out the male bashing here before, and mostly I got "Hey, it's humor! YOU'RE the one with the problem if you don't like it! Lighten up!" So I stayed away from this particular board for quite a while.

    And jnette, I appreciate your post about how you'd probably feel if every other post was a female-bashing thread (I'm not saying that every other post here is a male-bashing one, so please don't take it that way). The first few would be funny, but it eventually wears off and gets old, especially if you've worked very hard to NOT be a stereotype (but feel lumped into one when people start slamming on the characteristics of those who share your gender).

    I admit that I tend to take it personally (I don't want to, but I do, which is why I stayed away), especially if I don't know the poster - after a while, you wonder, "Are they serious? Do they really feel this way about men?" Anyway, my issues, not anyone else's.

    And honestly, a "blonde jokes" thread isn't quite the opposite of a "man jokes" thread. To make it equal, you'll have to put jokes in there that are a slam (albeit humorous) on all women, not just blondes.

    Anyway, my 2 cents. Resume party.
  10. by   SRNJIM
    Hi Tilleycs,

    Thanks for your comments. I am trying not to be too serious here and destroy the fundamental concept of being able to come here for comic relief. But we all seem to be having comments re male bashing, so I'll make another comment or two.

    I guess on some level I fell sorry for so many of our young women today. Activists females have one expectation of what is "correct" behavior of women, professional organizations another, the work place another, husbands and families another. It really must be tough at times. Women are wearing a lot of different hats now days too. I am not saying one expectation is right and another wrong. I come from and consider myself a moderate and a Christian, so my expectation may be even different.

    The point is that what ever behavior is correct for each woman, is for her to decide.

    My beef is that male bashing can and has gotten out of hand here, in the real world, and especially on TV. I believe it has effected father-daughter relationships and since father-daughter relationships is where our girls first learn about relationships with members of the opposite sex (no I am not talking about sick, sexual, incestuous relationships) I feel it may have had an impact more far reaching than just joking. Men are treated with such disrespect that is has become hurtful, even when it is meant in fun as our sister nurses here mean it.

    What I hope is that regardless of the Hollywood expectation that has infiltrated all aspects of society, that we here as professional nurses, have a mutual respect for each other that is not based on fallacies of gender, but the strengths that gender diversity can bring to the practice and advancement of Nursing as a profession and science.

    Oooo! Maybe a bit too heavy for here. Sorry about that. :imbar

    Later and lighter,

    Jim C.
  11. by   SRNJIM

    I am back a few minutes later with a groaner. I just did not want things to get too heavy. Do you accept groaners here? I have Nursing Lecture at 2 PM so I need to go.

    You know, nursing is the only subject where they can take an interesting subject like endocrine we are in to right now, and turn it in to a nightmare of stress. You know, I know the subject, but what will be on the test next week.

    BTW, my interest in practice seems to be in Oncology. Any comments?

    "A young man was convicted of killing both of his parents. The judge asked him, "DO you have anything to say before I pronounce sentience?"
    The young man replied, "I hope the court will take pity on a poor orphan."

    I warned you it was a groaner.

    Jim C.
  12. by   MandyInMS
    Hi Jim and welcome I don't think I'm a male basher...I don't discriminate..male/female ..anyone is subject to bashing in my book...hehe just I think everyone here, just like you, is here for a little comic relief and feedback about nursing issues.Glad to have ya(((hugz)))
  13. by   nursedawn67
    Originally posted by SRNJIM
    Ok Guys,

    I am a male student nurse (56 years old) who needs to come here for some humor and comic relief sometimes, so no more male bashing please :-)......but.....I forgive you male bashers and I have a contribution to make. :-)

    I spent 12 years as a long term care I have hear them all about LTC...OK here goes... :-) (How do you get those different smiley faces in this reply???) No bashing please :-)

    Did you hear about the two old ladies who were just lain bored to death? Well it seems one said to the other, "Lets strip naked and run down the hall and see what happens."

    So they did. However, there were two old gentlemen sitting in the lounge at the end of the hall. One older gentleman said, "Did you see that?"

    The other said, "Yes I did. What were they wearing?"

    The first gentleman said, "I don't know, but it sure needed ironed."

    What do ya think gals?????



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