Help - I got savaged by the tangle Fairy

  1. Ever wondered what happened to all those sprites and elves and Fairies( not the gay kind the little ones with wings) that used to inhabit the woodlands of our forefathers? Well like many other animals they have adapted to todays world and have found new niches in which to live and cause mischief. Here are a few:-

    Tangle Fairy also known as the "Spagetti Fairy". They hide out in places like ICU and CT scan and specialise in tangling all chords and lines beyond human ability to untangle.

    Grabbit Gnome - this mischievious spirit lurkes beside beds and as soon as you turn your back grabs at lines and tubing dislodging them.

    The Will-o-the-wisp or Jack-o-Lantern used to be responsible for guiding travelers astray but they now content themselves with leading the elderly and confused on long rambling walks around the hospital.

    Eaten it Elves. There has long been a tradition of leaving a saucer of milk out for the Elves but few knew this was to stop the elves from helping themselves to whatever foodstuffs they fancied. They are responsible for eating all the chocolates left lying on the main desk. This expalins why even though we as responsible nurses always leave some for the night shift, there is never any left!

    Panroom Pooka. The Pooka always was a mischievious sprite and now they content themselves with issuing strange smells that you cannot track to any known source.

    Belt - it - out Banshee originally known for wailing and making loud noises they have insinuated themselves into areas such as ICU ensuring that equipment which you chose for it's user friendly alarm system develops a volume equivalent to a space shuttle taking off.

    Does anyone know any others?

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  3. by   ShandyLynnRN
  4. by   KC CHICK

    How about the Thieving Pen Gnome.....never can find that darn pen when I really need it.
  5. by   Aussienurse2
    I have been a victim of the " Phantom of the buzzer" When I walk all the way down to the last bed of the last room, where the call light is still on and the patient currently occuping bed three billion says " Oh ! No I didn't press the button nurse." Of course this is the bed furthest from the loos where I was heading before the phantom played its wicked trick.

    Am going to kill Pandora when I find her!
  6. by   chiefswife
    Don't think this one is Nursing specific, but what about the Door Ding Gnomes? They are responsibe for putting all those little dings in your car doors in the parking lot. The only way to beat them to to park in the "back 40", under the light that doesn't work anymore (and never will) - they are afraid of the dark and don't like to wander too far away from buildings!
  7. by   spineCNOR

    The one that visits me at work most often is the Tangle Fairy!
  8. by   gwenith
    Forgot one - the air elemental inserts air into IV lines - especially those running though a pump. Usually just enough air to set off the air alarm.
  9. by   Andy S.
    How about the Quiet Fairy - Lurkes around waiting for some unsuspecting nurse to let the "Q" word slip. Then is responsible for rustling up some "business" untill all insanity breaks loose!
  10. by   OrthoNutter
    What about the phantom that locks the toilet door in the five minute pee break that you manage to snatch and funnily enough, all the staff working on the floor that shift are still on the floor.

    That one still bugs me....
  11. by   liberalrn
    The poltergeist phone caller is high on my list.....tear down the hall to answer the phone and no-one is there.........

    the dumbwaiter demon is bad, too. Kitchen will call and say a tray is on it's way up. When you get to the dumbwaiter, it's empty.
  12. by   debbyed
    The goblin of patients past

    You know....when someone makes the mistake of saying a "frequent flyers" name out loud...They show up in the ER waiting room (Or ambo bay) before the shift is through
  13. by   Shamrock
    The disinformation deamon is the one
    I am wary of. He changes what you hear over the
    phone!! He is SO sneaky, the person confirming
    the order hears something totally different too!!

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