funny names for nurses - page 4

An Accident and Emergency Department in Birmingham boasts a Nurse Payne Nurse Hacker scrubs regularly in a London Operating Department Sister De'Ath walks the corridors of a hospice in... Read More

  1. by   aliceh
    In Dallas, there is a place called Robert H. Dedman Medical Center! scary!
  2. by   TriciaRN
    Oh my goodness, these were hysterical. There was a foot surgeon named Dr. Hacker across the street from me once, LOL!
    :-) Thanks for the laughs everyone.
  3. by   galenight
    In a neighboring town we have a urologist who advertised pain free vasectomies on Cleaver street. But my favorite is the urologist named Dr. Cummings.
  4. by   RNLauraZ
    My best buddy in nursing school is now Nurse Payne, and she begins in the ER in 2 weeks!

    I kid her about it, but she knows it's all in fun.
  5. by   imaRN
    Years ago I had a patient with the name of Mr. Peters and he had gangrene , guess where.....yep of the penis !! (The reason he got it......he was at a nursing home and someone after bathing him, did not pull his foreskin back down, swelling+pressure+cut off blood flow= gangrene ) The poor guy did die, he was 90 yrs old, sad way to go......imaRN
  6. by   TracyB,RN
    saw a license plate yesterday "backfxr"
  7. by   ClariceS
    Our infection control doc's license plate is "98.6".
  8. by   Debstr
    When I was in the Air Force working in the post office we had these two mail boxes, one above the other: M. Pusey and C. Dick

    I used to switch their mail every now and then..

    They didn't think it was very funny
  9. by   HubbywifeRN's
    When I worked on an Oncology unit a few years back, there was a hematologist named Dr. Blood! The real kicker was......he was a redhead, too!
  10. by   TerritoryNurse
    At one hospital I worked at we had a surgeon with the unfortunate name of Dr Butcher. The poor man was a real gentleman too
    Nurse Mata, your name in Indonesian/Malay means "eye". Just another interesting snippet of info
    My first ob-gyn in college was named Dr. Drips - he did not see the humor in his name - was a total drip!
  12. by   babs_rn
    had an ER patient one time whose name was Early Graves. What was his mother thinking??

  13. by   MARYE
    We have a Dr. Brokenback - orthopedics.